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Glossary of audio, video and RF Terms

  • Technical Documents

FM Protection Ratios - ITU Planning Standards for Terrestrial FM Sound Broadcasting   (BS.412.9 - Word)

Another Look at Sidelobe-free FM Antennas - Courtesy of Richard J. Fry, CPBE  (.pdf)

Antenna Design - For FM Broadcast  (.pdf, 373k)

Diplex Filter - Information on Tuning (.pdf, 94k)

Extending Tube Life - Courtesy of Eimac

Replacing Passive Components - Iimprove audio quality by Peter J. Stamler

FM Antenna Interbay Spacing - Modifying spacing to solve downward radiation and other problems by Joseph Semak, Tele-Images, San Diego, CA

Conversion vs. Demodulation - In FM STL and translator Systems

IOT - An Old Dream Come True

FM Reception Tips - Courtesy of Winegard Company

RF Filtering - Products for the Broadcast Industry Courtesy EMR Corporation

Installation of RF Power Transistors and Modules - Courtesy of RF Parts Company

  • Engineering Charts and Tables

Approximate Distance to 0.5MV/M (54 DBU) Contour - Courtesy of ERI (Your browser should support 'tables' for best results.)

Andrew Heliax Cable Data - Useful Andrew Heliax cable Data (your browser should support tables for best results), if you want to download this table in MS Word format follow this Link.

Average Power Rating - For transmission cable (84k Gif file) Print out for best results.

Stereo Separation - Measuring it with an Oscilloscope

VSWR - Voltage Standing Wave Ratio Relationships (Your browser should support 'tables' for best results.)

Bessel Nulls - For Frequency Modulation Systems (Your browser should support 'tables' for best results.)

Television Channels - Video and Audio Frequencies for U.S. standard

  • Equipment Manuals

LEX-25 - 25W FM Exciter Technical Manual ~35k (Word for Windows 6.0 format).

T-Series - FM Tube Amplifier Technical Manual, 800 - 2200 Watts ~260k (Word for Windows 6.0 format).

  • Software

RF Specialties - version 2.46 (126 k) Useful Engineering Calculations for the Broadcast Engineer. - (61 k) RS 232 Remote Frequency Programmability Set-up for PTX 30 Exciter

  • Miscellaneous

"A Short History of Transmission Audio Processing in the United States" - By Robert Orban

Classic Ribbon Microphones - By Mike Dorrough

History of JBL Loudspeakers

History of Ampex Recorders - By Jack Mullin (.pdf format)

Long-distance FM Reception - an explaination

United States FM Radio Stations - Summer 1958

  • Radio World Articles:

LEX 25 - Article on "Bext Buy" Exciter

LC-STL - Article on the STL Series

Customer Review - On the L-series FM Transmitters

Bext transmitter delivers 155% rated power - .pdf format only, 70 k

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