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                            CGC #1074

                     Monday,  June 27, 2011


                Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR,  Editor

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  o  At its July 12 Open Meeting, the FCC may consider issuing
  a Third Further Notice of Proposed Rule Making "seeking comment
  on the impact of the Local Community Radio Act on the future
  licensing of low power FM and FM translator stations:"

  o  When the national EAS test is conducted this fall, its
  location code will be for Washington, D.C.  The president will
  not voice the test, nor will NOAA Weather Radio carry it.  And
  the test is for legacy EAS, not CAP, which will be tested later:

  o  Reminder regarding video programming distributors'
  obligation to make emergency information accessible to persons
  with hearing or vision disabilities:

  o  RBR story on unwinding outdated and obsolete FCC rules:



  o  LightSquared authority to operate in the 1626.5-1660
  MHz range for "access terminal testing" across the U.S.,

  o  demonstrations of 3G and 4G technology in frequency
  bands between 698 and 2170 MHz (CA and some other states),

  o  demonstration of 3G and 4G equipment in frequency
  bands between 698 and 2690 MHz across the U.S., and

  o  Tanner Research: authority to operate in the 14-16 GHz
  range "to develop RF Seeker for gun-fired projectiles."
  Monrovia (Los Angeles), CA:



  o  You may recall that FM translator K262BP (Conner, CA)
  was recently cited on various technicalities (CGC #1071).
  Now their license has been terminated and their call
  sign deleted.  See:

  o  $3,000 Forfeiture Order to Lazer Broadcasting for
  failing to re-register towers to new owner:

                           RANDOM NOTES


  o  Indoor RF noise can clobber FM reception and probably
  interfere with TV reception as well:

  o  Nautel releases NPR Labs asymmetrical HD sideband (FM)
  transmission report:



  o  The nation's 60 Hz line frequency may soon be allowed
  to drift somewhat, and that's not good news:

  o  McGraw-Hill to sell KGTV (San Diego), KERO (Bakersfield)
  and other TV outlets:

  o  EAS-CAP compliance brings out comments from L.A. broadcast

  o  NY State legislature passes anti-pirate radio bill with
  potential jail time:

  o  Harold Camping's show to go off the air at the end of
  this month:

  o  Webcam catches equipment thief plus follow-up story as
  the alleged thief is apprehended:

  o  The hazards of Florida radio:



  o  Here is a video of a rugged 1200W RF power transistor
  being abused to prove its reliability (but is it spurring
  while being abused -- that question remains unanswered):

  o  Replacing asphalt roads with solar cell arrays,
  innovative thinking, perhaps, but many hurdles remain:

                       THE MT. WILSON REPORT


  Southern California Edison (SCE) is planning two commercial power outages 
in order to finalize their rewiring of Mts. Harvard and Wilson.  The 
outages are as follows:

  Mt. Harvard:  June 27, Monday, starting at 8 AM and lasting
  approximately 10 hours.  This outage will affect only Mt.
  Harvard customers.

  Mt. Wilson:  June 28, Tuesday, starting at 2:30 AM and lasting
  approximately 30 seconds.  This outage will affect only Mt.
  Wilson customers.

  These times and dates are from Cynthia Martin @ SCE.
Cynthia adds: "I will be out of pocket until Tuesday.  I will be back at 
midnight, just before the planned [Mt. Wilson] outage.
So, please understand that I will not be able to communicate much until my 
return, but know that I will be available for communication at 2:30 AM if 
need be.

  "I am sure that all will go smoothly, as Gary Hartman has done this many 
times with 100 percent success."



  This message is for electronic site users at Mt. Wilson.
I have received a formal request from the Los Angeles County Department of 
Public Works to modify their special use permit in the Mt. Wilson Antenna 
Farm area.  Based on RF Exposure surveys performed in 2002, 2007, and 2009, 
they still have road segments located in areas where the RF readings are 
over the FCC guidelines of 0.2 milliwatts/cm2.  As such, LACDPW needs to 
close those segments to the public....

  Mike McIntyre, District Ranger
  Los Angeles River Ranger District
  mmcintyre (at)
  Monday, June 13, 2011


  Editor's Note:  Mt. Wilson broadcasters have expressed skepticism at the 
report -- particularly in light of the DTV transition and the expected 
overall lowering of RFR levels on the mountaintop -- and so a stakeholder's 
meeting with the Forest Service will probably be the next step.  Stay tuned.



  A letter from the U.S. Secret Service reproduced with

  As a result of our radio site [on Mt. Disappointment] having been destroyed 
during the Station Fire, on Monday June 27th we will be transporting a very 
large crane, two extra-long semi- trucks and a 72 ton shelter up to Mt 
Disappointment.  All three vehicles will have their own CHP escorts.

  Here is the timeline:


  0900 approximately: Depart from the bottom of Angeles Crest
  Hwy and the 210

  1000 approximately: Arrive at Red Box

  1000-1200 approximately: Setup the crane, off load the shelter
  from the low boy semi truck and place onto the 3rd semi truck,
  break down the crane

  1200: Low Boy semi truck descends down Angeles Crest Highway
  with CHP escort

  1200: send the crane up to Mt. Disappointment access road
  (1/8 mile along Mt Wilson road)

  1230: send the semi-truck with the shelter up to Mt

  1600: arrive at Mt. Disappointment

  Both the crane and 3rd semi truck will remain over night at
  Mt. Disappointment


  3rd Semi truck and crane descend from Mt Disappointment at
  around 0700

  Arrive at Red Box NLT 0900

  Both vehicles descend from Angeles Crest Highway NET 0900
  with two separate CHP escorts.


  The above times may and most likely will change slightly.
  Any questions, please contact me via my number listed below.

  Thank you and God Bless,

  Mark Flath
  United States Secret Service
  IRMD Los Angeles
  213-533-4731  -or-  mflath (at)
  June 26, 2011 @ 8:30 AM PDT



  "....The Edison contractor has installed underground vaults all along the 
Toll Road from Wilson to Harvard.  They have obviously done more than just 
drop cables in a trench.
Those vaults are at least 12 feet deep!  I'm not sure everyone who works on the 
mountain realizes the magnitude of the project.
I was certainly impressed by what I saw.

  Ron Thompson, KUSC(FM)
  June 21, 2011



  Fire on the Mountain - East by Newcombs Ranch.
  So far it is not really big, only a few acres.

  Dennis Doty, Sunday, June 19, 2011 @ 3:25 PM PDT

  Oh, God!  No! No! No!
  Thanks, Dennis  for reminding us it's the beginning
  of "worry season"...  :)

  P.S.  I'm digging the new road [the reopened Angeles Crest
  Highway], as I shaved 45 minutes off EACH way [on my commute
  to Mt. Wilson].

  Roger Yoakum, KOCE(TV), Sunday, June 19, 2011 @ 3:38 PM PDT

  I believe the fire is out.  I heard it was 7+ acre somewhere
  east of Wilson around the Chalo/Newcombs ranch area.

  Dennis Doty, June 20, 2011 @ 5:00 PM PDT

                             HAM RADIO


  o  Amateur radio Field Day draws enthusiasts for 24-hour
  emergency communications simulations.  Even ham clubs in
  small communities like Fallbrook, CA, get involved:

  o  Scientists predict rare 'hibernation' of sunspots:

                       LETTERS TO THE EDITOR


  Letters to the Editor of the CGC Communicator should be
  posted on the Tech Letters Website.  Recent Tech Letters
  postings include the following:

  o  Bob Pease passes away, and
  o  hub maintenance engineer needed at KPHO in Phoenix.

  Letters are moderated and posted after review.  Please send
  your letters to Steve Blodgett: sblodgett (at)

  Accessing the Tech Letters Website is quick and easy:

                            OFF TOPIC


  o  Flightship FS-8 is a neat new ground-effect marine craft:

  o  Engineering at its finest: We don't need no stinkin'

  o  The old fire lookout tower on Boucher Hill, Palomar Mountain,
  is being restored and will soon be staffed by volunteers.  For
  photos of this work-in-progress:

  o  A new volunteer fire watch observer at the High Point
  Lookout Tower on Palomar Mountain is an active birder, photo-
  grapher and video editor.  Check Terry Hunefeld's latest
  offering at this URL:

  o  Navy Seal extraction.  A dangerous maneuver where the
  pilot dips the helicopter tail into the water and risks an
  engine flameout from backsplash:

  o  Employees at Legoland California moved the general
  manager's Volvo out of the Carlsbad parking lot and replaced
  it with a full-size Volvo made entirely of Legos:

  o  Some rare footage of a truly little "Little Richard"
  when he was starting out in the music biz, from an old Van
  Johnson movie:

  o  Using Listerine for mosquito control:

  o  Smarty pants test.  You have eight seconds to answer each
  question.  Score is computed at the end.

  o  One of the most amazing mechanical works of art ever:



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