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by CGC on August 9, 2011



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                            CGC #1081

                    Tuesday,  August 9, 2011


                Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR,  Editor

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  Thanks to KABC-TV, the preliminary Mt. Wilson RFR report has been released 
to the public.  Actually, there are two separate reports, one by David Pinion 
of Hatfield & Dawson and the other by Richard Strickland of RF Safety 
Solutions LLC (Richard was formerly with Narda).  Both reports indicate that 
the Mt. Wilson public roadways are compliant with federal RFR standards.

  During the next few days, we understand that there will be some follow-up 
work to carefully verify the operating parameters of each pertinent RF 
radiator during the measuring period/s.  Once that work is complete, a final 
report or reports will be prepared.

  Thanks to KABC-TV and the many broadcasters who gathered together to 
underwrite the costs of the measuring program.

  Preliminary Mt. Wilson RFR Reports:



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