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                             CGC #1084

                    Thursday,  August 18, 2011


                 Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR,  Editor

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  o  FCC Order amends Parts 73 and 74 to establish rules
  for digital low power television, television translator,
  and television booster stations and to amend rules for
  digital Class A television stations:

  o  Additional microwave spectrum is being made available
  to expand wireless broadband services in rural, isolated and
  under served communities.

  o  FCC decision may downgrade mobile ENG reliability:



  o  1480-1542 MHz for antenna testing.  Fixed: El Segundo.

  o  1915-1920 MHz to develop, test and validate Homeland
  Security application concepts.  Fixed: Camarillo.

  o  2400-2483.50 MHz to test a wireless system that will
  send data from geophones used to record acoustic reflections
  off underground layers to determine the presence of energy
  resources.  Mobile within the continental US, AK & HI.

  o  2900-3500 MHz for testing surveillance equipment.
  Mobile, Santa Barbara.


  o  144-146 MHz and 437-439 MHz for testing an image processing
  algorithm that will be used on a future space flight.  Mobile:
  Low earth orbit.

  o  401.7455 and 401.8855 MHz for weather data collection.
  Fixed: Castaic.

  o  5250-5250 MHz for testing Part 15 equipment.  Fixed & Mobile:
  Continental United States, AK & HI.

  o  9320-9370 MHz for testing system operation and validation
  of X-Band portable Doppler weather.  Fixed & Mobile:
  Continental United States.


  o  Various frequencies between 30.30 and 599.50 MHz to
  support Thales Radio Integration with the UAE C-17 aircraft
  production and testing.  Fixed & Mobile: Long Beach (Los
  Angeles), CA.

  o  2110-2155 MHz for testing LTE picocells.  Fixed & Mobile:
  Santa Ana (Orange).

                       THE MT. WILSON REPORT


  The fourth fatal crash on the reopened Angeles Crest Highway
  has safety officials concerned.

                           RANDOM NOTES


  o  Out-of-core LPTVs unable to find an in-core channel by
  September 1 may be out of business by the end of this year:

  o  3DTV viewing is gaining traction as an occasional-but-
  regular activity:

  o  ATSC has launched development of a 3DTV broadcast standard:

  o  Pay TV cord cutting accelerates:

  o  Disturbing behind-the-scene claims concerning
  LightSquared's outlandish political shenanigans:  (Short story) (Recommended story)

  o  USGS topo map app from National Geographic:

  o  New solar cell breaks efficiency record:



  The U.S. Department of State has posted a news item entitled, "Amendment 
to the U.S-Mexico Bilateral Agreement for the 700 MHz Band to Allow for 
the Timely Deployment of Fourth Generation (4G) Wireless Broadband Service."  
The story reads as follows:

  "On July 28, 2011, the FCC and the Mexican Ministry of Communications 
and Transportation concluded an exchange of letters to amend the 2006 
Protocol for the 698-806 MHz band to increase the power limitations and 
facilitate increases in parameters when counterpart operators across the 
border from each other do not exist.  The changes were necessary to 
accommodate the advanced technologies employed for 4G service.  The 
amendment became effective on July 28, 2011 and applies to both sides 
of the entire common border area."

  The above story is currently posted in the "Highlights" box at:

  The actual exchange of letters is posted at:

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                            OFF TOPIC


  o  Patented 100 years ago, the Alexanderson Alternator
  was a milestone for VLF broadcasting:

  o  The 500 LED extreme flashlight (wait for video to download):

  Aircraft News:

  o  A small drone aircraft takes a new shape:

  o  A lightweight model airplane gains its lift
  by flapping its wings like a seagull:

  Closing Thoughts:

  o  The joy of friendship:

  o  Hard day?  Unwind with this simple and delightful video:



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