CGC #1106

by CGC on December 1, 2011




CGC #1106

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR, Editor

Copyright 2011, Communications General® Corporation (CGC)



Unusually heavy winds began impacting southern California yesterday
and are expected to intensify again this evening.
KNX(AM) was unmodulated for a period of time early Wednesday evening
according to two unofficial reports.

Up on Mts. Wilson and Harvard, both main and backup power feeds from
Southern California Edison failed late Wednesday night and stations
are running on emergency power generators as we go to press.

This warning just in from a broadcast engineer: "Just drove up [to
Mt. Wilson], large tree down across Red Box Rd. at mile marker 1.24
blocking both lanes but the turnout allows passage...."

On Mt. Harvard, a major antenna mishap. The Chief Engineer for one
of the stations reports as follows: "On my walk around this morning
[Thursday], we have another issue up here on Mount Harvard above KPXN.
I am not sure which station is affected; however, one of the main
antennas on Mount Harvard was blown off the main tower nearly taking
out the generators. It is laying between the microwave dishes and
the generators."

A representative from American Tower says, "We are aware of the
issue and the station is addressing it."

Finally, the Los Angeles Times documents the winds:



Watch your in basket for another CGC Communicator this evening. If
there are any major wind-related incidents to report, please send them
to Steve Blodgett for posting on Tech Letters:

sblodgett (at)

Pictures and information on the fallen antenna at Mt. Harvard would
be appreciated.



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