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                            CGC #1120

                   Monday,  February 13, 2012


                Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR,  Editor

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  Following is a very unusual case where the FCC comes after an FM translator 
operator (Wisconsin) with all guns blazing.
It may be some time before you see another case like this one.
First a synopsis from Radio World, then the FCC's "all guns blazing" letter:

                           RANDOM NOTES


  o  The National Weather Service's Doppler radar in the
  Santa Ana Mountains has been upgraded to dual polarization.
  Rain drops can now be distinguished from snow, hail and ground
  clutter, and even from bats, birds and insects:

  o  Media outlets have so far been denied access to the
  Pasadena Police Department's recently encrypted radio traffic:

  o  An apparent suicide from a radio tower near Compton:

  o  Naked man climbs radio tower in downtown L.A., requests
  McDonalds hamburgers and agrees to come down after lunch:

  o  ViaSat (Carlsbad, CA) is suing the manufacturer of its
  new high speed data satellite (Space Systems Loral of Palo Alto)
  for breach of confidentially agreements and patent infringement:

  o  Don Mussell sends his best from Hawaii in this self-
  explanatory picture essay.  Island life is tough (almost too
  much beauty to comprehend) but someone has to do real work:



  o  A first look at the engineering sessions planned for
  the upcoming NAB Show in Las Vegas:

  o  Harris' Geoff Mendenhall says that AM stations may
  need to experiment with several MDCL algorithms to determine
  which gives the best trade-off for their particular situation:

  o  Pocket AM/FM radios are fast becoming endangered species:

  o  Lightning protection basics from the IEEE:

  o  The spectrum dinosaurs at the FCC (WSJ, subscription

  o  Class D WPSA(FM) calls it quits on over-the-air



  Regarding the input interference to KPFK's FM translator on Mt. Woodson 
(CGC #1119) from La Mejor ("The Best"), 90.7 MHz, Tijuana, KPFK has masked 
the problem for the moment by shutting the translator down.  Technical 
efforts are underway to fix the fundamental problem.

  The fact that the FCC doesn't show La Mejor as an operating station in the 
FM Query database underscores an age-old problem:
Mexico often does not notify the U.S. when granted allotments are built.  
The same holds true for TV allotments.  It's something the Mexican government 
needs to rectify.

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                            OFF TOPIC


  o  Failing to heed engineers' warnings can lead to
  incredible catastrophes -- witness the 1986 destruction of
  space shuttle Challenger and find out about the warnings that
  were issued and ignored right before launch:

  o  A 360 degree view from the top of Mount Everest.  Click
  on the icon in the upper right corner for full screen view:



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