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                       THE CGC COMMUNICATOR

                             CGC #1141

                       Monday, May 21, 2012


                 Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR,  Editor

   Copyright 2012, Communications General® Corporation (CGC)



 o  Statements of Jessica Rosenworcel and Ajit Pai upon
 being sworn in as FCC commissioners:

 o  New rules would make U.S. first in the world to allocate
 spectrum (2360-2400 MHz discussed here) for wireless medical
 body area networks:

 o  FCC to hold Open Commission Meeting Thursday, May 24,
 2012 (no broadcast items scheduled):



 o  Cesar Chavez Foundation fined $12,500 for broadcasting
 prohibited advertisements over KUFW(FM), Woodlake.  According
 to Radio World, "...the commission found the [Chavez] station
 had apparently violated the underwriting laws by airing four
 separate advertisements more than 2,000 times from March
 through December of 2006.  That's when the FCC proposed
 the $12,500 penalty."

 o  Astound Broadband (cable operator), Rocklin -- NOV issued
 for missing annual EEO report in the public inspection file:

 o  Comcast issued NOVs for excessive signal leakage at
 121.2625 MHz at various CATV facilities:

                          RANDOM NOTES


 o  LightSquared files bankruptcy but it looks like they
 are planning to pounce again:

 o  Skilled broadcast engineers are vanishing.  Soldering,
 what's that?

 o  Digital Alert Systems says it is the first manufacturer
 to receive FCC approval for certified next-generation CAP EAS
 alerting equipment:

 o  A friendly reminder to tighten electric power lugs every
 so often:



 o  FCC's Peter Doyle, Jim Bradshaw and others focus on
 FM Translator application processing in a live forum:

 o  Petitions for Reconsideration filed on FCC's new caps
 for pending FM Translator apps:

 o  More decisions to come in the FM translator/LPFM scrum:

 o  The down draft at NPR:



 o  Wireless EAS goes live this month, delivering location-
 based SMS-type warnings:

   o  Cellular operators are looking at small cells as a
 way to use their spectrum more efficiently:

                          HAM RADIO NOTE

 PLEASE DO NOT USE 145.8 - 146.0 MHZ

 Hams are reminded not to use 145.8 to 146.0 MHz for point-
to-point contacts.  This region may seem quiet, but it contains
uplink frequencies to various amateur radio satellites.  Even a
few watts of power can cause severe interference to ham satellite
operations.  (Amateur Radio Newsline)

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                           OFF TOPIC


 o  Dopeler Effect:  The tendency of poor ideas to seem
 smarter when they come at you rapidly.

 o  Giraffiti:  Vandalism spray-painted very, very high.



 o  Cruising over the Bay Area in the Zeppelin Eureka:

 o  Mechanical resonance nicely demonstrated by a speeding
 SUV.  The first 45 seconds are all you need to view:

 o  San Clemente beach rocks "catch fire in woman's pocket"
 and lead to severe burns (the incident sounds very suspicious):

 o  No one knows how or why they do it.  Yet each fall,
 thousands of starlings dance in sync in the twilight above
 England and Scotland.  A collection of starlings is called
 a Murmuration:
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