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                    Thursday, June 7, 2012


               Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR,  Editor

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 The Forest Service's Roadless/Wilderness workshops
concluded Tuesday night and none of our readers reported a
loss of road access to their communications sites.  That's
terrific -- and just as the Forest Service had predicted.

 We attended the Trabuco meeting on June 5 and noted that
a representative from Verizon was one of the first in the door
to verify continued road access to their various comm sites.
It's just that type of checking that is essential because
so much is at stake and so much down-zoning is proposed.

 (Just so there is no confusion, the Roadless/Wilderness
project has nothing to do with Forest Service Appendix G and
the anti-perching matters discussed in recent CGC Communicator
newsletters.  Anti-perching discussions are now underway with
the Forest Service and we will undoubtedly have more to report
on that matter in future newsletters.)



 To see the comments already filed in the Roadless/
Wilderness proceeding, visit:

 On the positive side, a number of mountain bikers are
opposing further Wilderness designations which would mean
more roadless areas and loss of access.  However, there are
other voices calling for even more Wilderness zones, so this
proceeding deserves watching.

 The advantage of filing a written comment, no matter how
brief, is that the Forest Service will put your name and e-dress
on file and notify you when the next step arrives later this year.
Do not assume that just because things are looking good for
continued access to comm sites now, that they will remain so.

 If you would like to file a comment in this, the first
window where comments are invited, you must do so by Monday,
June 11.  Here is the direct link to the Forest Service's
designated comment page:

 After filling out the form and entering your remarks,
hit the "submit" button at the extreme bottom of the page.



 As reported in CGC #1142, a Forest Service representative
has stated as follows:

 "...this is the beginning of the environmental review
process, and the next step will be to identify issues and
alternatives.  The analysis will be published in a Draft
Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement sometime late this
year.  There will be a 90 day comment period on the draft, which
is an important point in the process for anyone interested in
the outcome...."

 So, if you are at all interested in the Roadless/Wilderness
proceeding, it would be good to file a comment to get your name
and e-dress on file.  Again, the first comment deadline is
this Monday.



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