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                     Monday, October 29, 2012


                 Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR,  Editor

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  The FCC Operations Center is open for business and will provide
contacts for communications questions during Hurricane Sandy.



  o  Rolando Collantes is accused of failing to notify the FCC
  within 24 hours that his tower in Tulare had been completely

  o  Fisher Wireless Services has been dinged for transmitting
  continuous pulses on a shared channel (452.3875 MHz) and failing
  to identify as required:

  o  San Francisco International Airport -- busted for operating
  on 464.700 MHz with an expired license:

                       THE MT. WILSON REPORT


  To answer your request for Mt. Wilson/Mt. Harvard equipment
damage due to the October 11, 2012 lightning storm, I know of a
few issues but suspect there are many more.  Here is what I
know so far:

  o  Mt. Harvard had some kind of a generator issue with
  only one generator starting, but utility power was restored
  very quickly so the issue didn't last long,

  o  one station on Mt. Wilson took a number of lightning
  strikes that caused a failure in its generator's automatic
  transfer switch controller and related equipment, and

  o  the Mt. Wilson Observatory reported a number of Ethernet

  Sorry that I have not had time to collect more reports.

  All things considered, the October 11th storm woke us up,
and this is just the beginning of another storm season.

  Dennis Doty
  dennisd (at)
  October 28, 2012

                           RANDOM NOTES


  o  FCC commissioner Ajit Pai's Radio Show remarks on
  AM improvements:

  o  "Knowing that the group's news/talk KZRG would be at
  the center of any breaking [storm] news coverage, Zimmer
  had pre-installed a toggle switch to put the AM station's
  programming on its FM music sisters whenever necessary...."

  o  A commemorative plaque is proposed to honor the father
  of FM Broadcasting, Major Edwin Howard Armstrong:



  o  Research by MIT and others has improved wireless bandwidth
  by an order of magnitude -- a factor of 10 -- this is huge:

  o  Mel Karmazin, chief executive of Sirius XM Radio, is
  expected to exit his post and give up his seat on the board
  on February 1 in preparation for the satcaster's takeover
  by Liberty Media:

  o  The FBI is accused of dragging its feet on the release
  of information about "Stingray" cell phone surveillance

  o  "SD Emergency" is a government-sponsored app designed
  to prepare San Diego residents for emergency situations:

                       LETTERS TO THE EDITOR


  The most recent Tech Letters postings include the following:

  o  NASA video:  This is an extended view of Space Shuttle
  Endeavour's southern California flyover.  Great images.
  Expand for full screen view:


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                            OFF TOPIC


  The HPWREN Webcams operated by UCSD continue to cover more
locations.  The newest cameras are installed at High Point on
Palomar Mountain -- apparently atop the old fire lookout tower
at that location.  Click on any of the thumbnail photos for
an enlarged view.

  Also note the black & white cameras which add night and fire
vision at a number of sites.



  o  Six earthquake experts in Italy have been convicted of
  manslaughter for failing to give adequate warning of the 2009
  earthquake in the city of L'Aquila that killed 308 people:

  o  New missile disables electronic gadgets by using bursts
  of high powered microwaves -- "mini EMP" if you will:

  o  World's first manned flight with an electric "multicopter"
  (you can bet that the batteries won't last long):

  o  World famous British soprano Sarah Brightman to
  travel to the International Space Station as a space



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