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                Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR,  Editor

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  Processing approximately 6,000 FM translator applications and 
setting the rules of the road for LPFM are the last steps necessary 
before opening a new LPFM applications window in October of 2013.  
The groundwork to accomplish all of that was completed in Washington, 
D.C. on Friday although, curiously, there was no mention of that 
fact in the FCC's Daily Digest.

  The URLs below take us to a variety of Internet offerings.
First we visit the catacombs of the FCC where items that will 
probably appear in Monday's Daily Digest have been posted, then we 
move to a series of articles from Radio World.  Hopefully the 
official FCC Orders will be released this week so we can see the 
details of these monumental events.

  The overview from the FCC:

  Statements from the FCC commissioners:

  Radio World stories:

                           RANDOM NOTES


  Put this date and time on your calendar: 12/12/12 at 12.
Place: Cozymels Mexican Restaurant, 4303 La Jolla Village Drive, 
San Diego, just outside the UTC mall.

  Special guest: Steve Lampen of Belden who'll give us a few words 
of wisdom about HDMI cable technology.  If you haven't seen Steve 
in action, he is truly one of the best speakers in the industry.

  There will be some door prizes and lots of time for conver- 
sation.  Meal plans and details are at the URL below.  Please 
RSVP to rsvp (at) -- the party room has been reserved 
for this gala event.



  o  KBRT continues to make progress on their new tower array
  despite a major setback -- vandals:

  o  Lazer Broadcasting's proposed 43 foot FM tower in
  Yucaipa has been approved by a Board of Supervisors 4-0 vote.
  This appears to end a five year battle against the minuscule

  o  Meanwhile, the tower-at-a-landfill controversy (NE
  of Davis) takes another twist.  The location is a bit out
  of our area so we probably won't be tracking this story in
  the future, but it is interesting to see the lengths to
  which people will go to try to stop a tower:

  o  The City of San Diego has cancelled the license for
  its Travelers Information Station on 1500 kHz, WPWT499,
  near Qualcomm Stadium.  The station was not in use.  Search
  here by call sign if further information is needed:

  o  California college radio stations congregate at the
  UCRN conference at KSPC:

  o  Bud Walters' Cromwell Group is asking the FCC to make
  it easier for AMs to acquire and move existing FM translators:

  o  87.9 MHz is eyed as a possible national emergency relief

  o Lawmakers look into possibly implementing adjacent channel
  rejection standards in receivers:

  o  Churches increasingly rent out steeples as cellphone



  "But what needs to be done is to get the ATSC 3.0 initiative on 
the same page as the FCC's incentive auction so that the related TV 
band repacking takes into account the attributes of the new standard
 and so the public and broadcasters don't have to suffer the trauma 
of TV band disruption twice."

  -- Harry Jessell




  o  A key planner ran out of time to schedule the Mt. Wilson
  Christmas Party for broadcast engineers this year, but there
  is always next year and "early 2013" is targeted.

  o  A Buena Park man was arrested after he was spotted
  allegedly trying to steal copper wire at an Irvine construction
  site.  Interesting reading.  And there is more to the story:

  o  Much more on an outstanding gentleman who recently
  passed away: Dan McKinnon.  Dan had an ownership interest
  in KSON AM&FM, San Diego.  (His brother Mike owns KUSI-TV,
  and his father had owned KCBQ(AM)):


  o  Free official USGS topo maps are available for downloading
  at the URL below.  Look for the Map Locator & Downloader box on
  the far right and go from there:

  o  American Tower has expanded its holdings by purchasing the
  massive communications real estate atop the John Hancock Center
  in Chicago:

  o  New York City replaces 250 public pay phones with giant
  iPad-like screens:

  o  This picture essay entitled, "Into the vault: the operation
  to rescue Manhattan's drowned Internet" (CGC #1176) has drawn
  many favorable comments which are available for viewing at:



  "What to expect when you're being inspected [by the FCC]"
is a comprehensive article written by a person who has obviously 
examined the last five years or of NOVs and NALs from the FCC's 
notices Website.  However, there are a few things to add.

  The first point is to make sure towers are re-registered to the 
new owners when a station is sold.  A number of buyers have 
overlooked this "little issue" which can become a big deal.
Another point concerns AM radio tower fences.  Be sure that the 
fences are adequate and in good repair -- this is an important 
safety issue in the eyes of the FCC.  Finally, if the STL license 
is not properly "associated" with the broadcast station license 
in CDBS, it will not be automatically renewed.

  EAS, of course, will remain a lightning rod with the FCC.
There is very little excuse for not getting EAS right.



  The California Broadcasters Association has a "Voluntary 
Inspection Program" that will immunize your station from random 
FCC inspections for three years unless there is outside evidence 
of a specific problem or a tower safety issue at your facility.

  The question of "who inspects the inspectors" remains open.



  Ney Landry, ex-Engineer-in-Charge of the the FCC's San Francisco 
field office (and ex-SF Regional Director) passed away November 15 
at the age of 95.  His wife, Mary, and three children survive him. 
 "Always energetic, loving and fun," he will be missed.



  Television pioneer John Silva has passed away.  John was the 
Chief Engineer at KTLA for 30+ years.  He and his team invented the 
KTLA Telecopter back in 1958 and ushered in airborne news gathering.

  Funeral services are set for Tuesday, December 4.
Viewing is at 12:00 PM with services following at 1 PM.
Location: Conejo Mountain Funeral Home, 2052 Howard Rd., Camarillo, 
CA 93012; telephone (805) 482-1959.  Viewing will be at the Chapel 
of the Hills facility.

  A news clip from KTLA follows although it only scratches the 
surface of John's many accomplishments.  See Tech Letters for 
more information yet.

                       LETTERS TO THE EDITOR


  The most recent Tech Letters postings include the following:

  o  On the passing of John Silva, past CE of KTLA.

  o  Internet censorship.


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                            OFF TOPIC


  Really radical:

  o  Structural engineering -- the undefeated bridge:

  o  Setting a new world land speed record for a piston-
  driven vehicle (play the video at page bottom):

  o  Real cool motorcycle riding:


  o  Take a virtual tour of the troubled San Onofre Nuclear
  Generating Station.  The first URL is an overview (mouse-over
  the photo for identification labels); the second URL yields
  a neat seven minute video tour:

  o  Hams, radio techs in Mexico, face kidnapping, enslavement,
  murder (also see CGC #1173):

  o  The U.S. Navy's X-47B unmanned combat aircraft has been
  hoisted aboard the USS Harry S. Truman in preparation for the
  first carrier-based testing.  This is a giant step in the
  arena of remote-controlled warfare:

  o  More friends on Facebook = more stress.  Studies suggest
  that visiting Facebook is "the second-most depressing activity:"

  o  A 1948 promotional film from NBC chronicles the
  golden age or radio and the coming together of a national
  radio network:

  Other neat Stuff:

  o  The MorphHex robot that can travel in two ways, walking
  and rolling:

  o  New LED lighting system atop the Empire State Building:



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