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                     Monday,  December 10, 2012


                Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR,  Editor

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  o  This is the long-awaited Fifth Order on Reconsideration
  and Sixth Report and Order (all one document) in the FCC's
  LPFM/FM translator proceeding:

  o  LPFM/FM translator comments from Harry Martin, Esq.:

  o  The FCC has launched its unlicensed wireless microphone
  registration system (only mics used at "major events" may be

  o  Concerning wireless mics and auxiliary stations in the
  698-806 MHz band, the Comment filing deadline is now January
  25, 2013, and the Reply Comment deadline is March 12, 2013:

  o  The FCC has scheduled an Open Meeting for December 12,
  2012 (broadband spectrum issues are the focus):



  Following are the Notices of Violation (NOVs) that have
  just been issued to various parties in our region:

  o  Adelman Broadcasting, KRAJ, Ridgecrest: For various EAS vio-
  lations plus the station appeared to be operating at less than
  71% of its authorized power (90% is the minimum allowed):

  o  Adelman Broadcasting, STL station WPOP540, Ridgecrest:
  This violation concerns using an STL licensed to one station
  (KLOA(AM)) to carry the audio for another station (KLOA-LP,
  TV CH-6):

  o  Adelman Broadcasting, KGBB, serving Edwards:  Various
  EAS violations including not monitoring the correct LP-1 and
  LP-2 and not being CAP compliant:

  o  Adelman Broadcasting, KEPD, serving Ridgecrest:  Various
  EAS violations including not monitoring the correct LP-1 and
  LP-2, not being CAP compliant, and failure of the Chief
  Operator to sign the EAS logs on a regular basis:

  o  High Desert Broadcasting, KGMX, Lancaster: EAS violation
  for failure to monitor the assigned LP-2:

                           RANDOM NOTES


  o  Harris is selling its Broadcast Division for $225M:

  o  Thieves have hit an operational Newark church twice
  in the past month, causing extensive damage by tearing out
  almost all of the copper piping in the structure:



  o  Here is a good use for HD Radio (if you ignore the
  bodacious adjacent channel interference it creates).  HD can
  and is being used as a carrier of local digital data -- in this
  case, road traffic information and the like.  Paul Brenner
  speaks, Garmin adopts, and others are coming on board:

  o  Tower down in Visalia/Porterville: Truck clips guy wire,
  takes KIOO, 99.7 MHz, off the air:

  o  An unidentified AM carrier has been detected both day and
  night at CGC's Fallbrook monitoring station and also (daytime)
  at Marv Collins' QTH in the Los Angeles area.  The 940.173 kHz
  signal is very weak.  We think the 940 station in Fresno is
  on frequency but aren't sure about the 940 in Mexicali.
  Assistance from south of the border would be appreciated.



  A southern California UHF-TV station recently purchased a new RF 
transmission line sample port line section from Bird Technologies, 
installed the line section, applied 14 kW of RF power and, after 
awhile, heard noise coming from the new device.
Bird had apparently shipped the device with a piece of charcoal 
grey colored anti-tarnish paper inside.  The paper escaped de- 
tection during the installation and either caught fire or smoldered.  
One way or the other, the burnt paper threw out carbon-like soot and 
contaminated not only the directional coupler but the surrounding 
transmission line sections as well.
It's a royal mess.

  Fortunately, Bird has offered to assist the station with repairs 
and to consider steps to ensure that other customers will never 
suffer the same fate.  However, if you have purchased Bird transmission 
line components, you may want to review your installation to ensure 
that anti-tarnish paper is not trapped inside.  The only purpose of 
the paper is to keep components shiny during shipping and storage.

  A picture of the anti-tarnish paper -- the actual material that 
burnt or smoldered in this case -- appears in the jpeg image at the 
first URL below.  The paper is imprinted with the words,
"Tarni-Shield(TM) Protectors."  Tarni-Shield is manufactured by 3M 
to "keep sterling silver and other tarnish-able metals tarnish free 
when boxed or bagged...," see the second URL.  The paper is not designed 
for use in high intensity RF fields.

  CGC has asked Bird Technologies if they would like to comment on 
this story.  Bird has been an outstanding company and their products 
are mainstays in the communications industry.  We hope that all 
concerns with Tarni-Shield will be put to rest quickly.



  Now that LAX AiRadio on 530 kHz is off the air (CGC #1175), CGC's 
monitoring station in Fallbrook tuned to 530 kHz to see what kind 
of DX could be heard.  Big disappointment.
We received the following:

  "This is WNRS427, in Vista, part of the CalTrans Highway Advisory 
Radio System, broadcasting on frequency 530 AM.  For traffic 
information, please call 11 (sic) or go to"

  This mindless and technically incorrect message ("call 11") just 
kept repeating itself without any updates in over a week of spot 
checks.  So we looked a little further and discovered:

  (1) that the transmitter coordinates are wrong.  The station
  is licensed on the north side of Highway 78 but the transmitter
  is located on the south side of 78, and

  (2) that the applicant's telephone number on file with the
  FCC, (760) 967-2855, has been disconnected.

  It appears that WNRS427 could be shut off and no one would 
know the difference -- except radio DXers who would appreciate 
the silence and taxpayers who would appreciate the cost savings.

                          HAM RADIO NOTES


  o  Another amateur radio high altitude balloon has traveled
  a great distance, this time from San Jose, CA to Taza, Morocco.
  The total distance traveled was 6,092 miles in just 56 hours
  yielding an average speed of over 100 MPH:

  o  N0D ("N-Zero-D") is an amateur radio special event station
  that will be on the air "celebrating the end of the world" on
  December 21, 2012.  According to some media accounts, 12/21/12
  will indeed be the end of the world, but that's just bunk:

  o  Look for Geoff Mendenhall, W8GNM, and Jay Adrick, K8CJY,
  both of Harris Broadcast, on 1936 kHz on December 27:

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                            OFF TOPIC



  o  Everything you e-mail is apparently being captured and
  archived by the U.S. government in huge NSA data centers.
  Welcome to 1984 and the surveillance state (no kidding).
  This will come back to bite us big time:

  o  This quick "wear your seat belt" ad from the UK is
  beautifully produced and gets the point across:

  o  The Germans have a weed-eater that mows around posts.
  Fabulous device, great Christmas gift for the person who
  thinks he has everything:

  o  NASA's Voyager 1 -- now about 11 billion miles from
  the sun -- has encountered a new and totally unexpected
  region of deep space:

  Really Dynamic Stuff:

  o  See your house in a Snow Globe.  Just put in your address
  and press Shake:

  o  The 2012 Hubble Space Telescope advent calendar:

  o  Britain's Got Talent with Charlotte & Jonathan, an
  exceptional video:

  o  What Christmas is really all about:



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