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                     Wednesday, January 9, 2013


                  Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR,  Editor

    Copyright 2013, Communications General® Corporation (CGC)



  o  Media Bureau announces January 10-25, 2013 filing window
  for Auction 83 FM translator application selections and caps
  showings, and offers examples to clarify showing requirements:

  o  Media Bureau gives added guidance to broadcasters
  wishing to file anonymous comments on the subject of "expanding
  the economic and innovation opportunities of spectrum through
  incentive auctions:"

  o  FCC announces date and locations for the first post-
  Superstorm Sandy field hearings.  Hopefully broadcasting and
  ham radio will appear as more than footnotes in these

  o  Comments have been invited on the application of XO
  Communications, LLC, to discontinue certain domestic tele-
  communications services.  This includes the dial-up service
  that CGC relies upon to distribute the CGC Communicator
  newsletter (oops):

  Ancillary Issues:

  o  FCC releases new "Smartphone Security Checker" sheet to
  help consumers protect mobile devices (there are some useful
  tips here):

  o  Regarding the eventual phase-out (or not) of 121.5 MHz
  emergency locator transmitters (ELTs) for aircraft, to be
  replaced by 406 MHz ELTs:

  o  FCC: "In this Report and Order, we amend our rules
  concerning commercial radio operator licenses for maritime
  and aviation radio stations:

  o  Cell phones and RFR exposure -- FCC denies a "Data Quality
  Act" complaint by Cynthia Franklin:

  o  FCC adopts rules to promote deployment of Internet service
  onboard aircraft:



  o  KPRI, 102.1 MHz, Encinitas, issued a NOV for EAS/CAP
  violations where CAP compliance is the real issue:

  o  KKSM, 1320 kHz, Oceanside (Palomar College) issued a NOV
  for EAS/CAP violations:

  o  KOKO-FM, 94.3 MHz, Kerman/Fresno, issued a NOV for
  various EAS and 'community issues and program list' violations:

  o  Excessive cable leakage found in the VHF aircraft band
  in Fortuna, Rio Dell and Pacifica (with interference to the
  700 MHz band in Pacifica):

                           RANDOM NOTES


  o  Construction at the new KBRT(AM) transmitter plant has
  been documented in this elegant and educational Web posting:

  o  Cris Alexander's lead story in the latest Crawford
  Broadcasting engineering newsletter discusses MDCL, STL
  philosophies as well as an overview on the KBRT transmitter
  relocation with a discussion of the new site's security
  systems (there are some valuable lessons here):



  "Tin whiskers" are believed to be responsible for many
premature circuit failures and the problem will probably get
worse as industry rushes toward more miniaturization and
the use of lead-free solder.



  "As some of you already know, we received notice that long-
time Los Angeles and CBS Radio engineer Fred Holub passed away
in northern California about two weeks ago.  At this point we
don't have any details beyond his premature passing.

  "There will be a very informal no host (pay your own) lunch
to celebrate Fred's life on Monday, January 14th, at 12:00 noon,
at the El Coyote Mexican Cafe, 7312 Beverly Blvd., LA 90036.
This will be a chance for many of us who knew Fred and enjoyed
his friendship to share some stories and celebrate his
contributions to the business he loved so much.

  "Please RSVP to me directly if you plan to attend."

  Lynn Duke, CBS Radio Los Angeles
  Monday, January 7, 2013
  lduke (at)


  January 8th update based on additional information from
Lynn:  Fred had been diagnosed with a type of bone cancer and
left CBS on disability about 18 months ago.  While the doctors
were confident that his cancer could be sent into remission,
the treatment apparently left his kidneys seriously damaged
and he may have succumbed from that ailment alone.

  Fred passed away on his way back from the airport following
a trip to Hawaii.  We understand that no formal memorial service
is planned.  He will be missed by many.

                          HAM RADIO NOTES


  o  Regarding the amateur high altitude balloon carrying ham
  radio equipment that traveled from San Jose, CA to Taza, Morocco
  (CGC #1179 for 12/10/12).  The ham radio package has been found!
  You can relive the hunt right here:

  o  Norman Joseph Woodland, who co-created the barcode using
  Morse code as the inspiration, has died at his New Jersey home
  at the age of 91.  This write up tells about the turning point
  that got him from dots and dashes to thickness-coded straight
  lines that comprise today's barcode:

                       LETTERS TO THE EDITOR


  The most recent Tech Letters postings include the following:

  o  'Saz' had listened to LAX AiRadio online from Australia
  and comments on the station's demise:


  Letters to the Editor of the CGC Communicator should be
posted on the Tech Letters Website.  Here is the URL to see
the most recent postings and to make new postings (all letters
and comments are moderated and are posted after review):

  Please contact the moderator, Steve Blodgett, if you are
having trouble viewing or posting: sblodgett (at)




  In another Tech Letters posting, the engineering history
behind LAX AiRadio is told.  Richard Burden was there at the
time and recounts the station's inception all the way through
its eventual home on 530 kHz, and the birth of the Travelers
Information Service thanks to the pioneering research done
in conjunction with AiRadio.

                            OFF TOPIC


  Huell Howser of "California's Gold" fame passed away
January 6 of natural causes at his Palm Springs home.  He
was 67.

  The "KCET1" URL takes you to a six minute video that we
found particularly interesting.  Besides the following links,
many more stories are available at



  Brief But Noteworthy:

  o  A high tech mechanic's hydraulic chair:

  o  Florida pilot spots theft-in-progress at his home,
  then the fun begins:

  o  Los Angeles International Airport is back in the news
  as LAX announces no more free parking for electric vehicles
  come March:

  Featured Videos:

  o  A thief is caught on security video.  It's the UPS Man
  stealing an iPad Mini left by FedEx earlier in the day!

  o  All about building living bridges that will potentially
  last hundreds of years.  It is inspiring what clever people
  with limited resources can accomplish:



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