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                       THE CGC COMMUNICATOR

                             CGC #1188

                    Tuesday,  February 5, 2013


                 Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR,  Editor

    Copyright 2013, Communications General® Corporation (CGC)



  o  Should free Super Wi-Fi networks be deployed across
  the nation?  There is fierce support as well as adamant
  opposition to the plan.  This promises to be a big story:

  o  New FCC actions spur the wireless infrastructure
  roll out:

  o  FCC adopts sweeping changes to its experimental rules:

  o  FCC opens filing window for commercial operator license
  examination managers:

  o  International Bureau personnel announcements:

  o  The last item in this newsletter, the film "Shock
  and Awe, The Story of Electricity,"  is extraordinary and
  highly recommended.



  These items will tentatively be considered at the FCC's
  Open Meeting on February 20:

  o  improving wireless coverage for consumers through the
  use of signal boosters, and

  o  increasing the amount of spectrum available for
  unlicensed devices in the 5 GHz band.



  The FCC has sent out a reminder to all broadcast TV stations,
both full power and Class A, that the deadline for transferring
public file data into the station's online version has arrived.

  Stations have had to put new material online since 8/2/12,
but were granted a six month extension to add material that had
already been in the station's own file.  Yet, there is an



  The KBRT transition to its new mainland "Oak Flat" broadcast
site is tentatively expected to occur on February 28, 2013 at
about noon.  Don Crawford of Crawford Broadcasting plans to
throw the switch himself.

  When that happens, KBRT, 10 kW (daytime), Avalon, will
become KBRT, 50 kW (daytime), Costa Mesa.  More power is needed
from the new site because of reduced ground conductivities.
Overall, the coverage patterns produced by the two sites will be
similar in most respects but, because of terrain obstructions and
lower ground conductivities, field intensities to the south will
be reduced somewhat even at the 50 kW power level.

  According to Cris Alexander, Director of Engineering for
Crawford Broadcasting, a few hours after the site transfer
is made, he and Don Crawford will commandeer the radio station
and share with their audience the Oak Flat Saga, the reason for
the move and the changes in coverage that the new site is expected
to produce.  The "commandeering" is expected to take place from
3-5 PM during the afternoon local talk show "The Bottom Line."

  (It is not known whether KBRT will attempt nighttime operation
from Oak Flat, but with only 190 watts directional allowed at
night and fierce interference from co-channel KCBS, San Francisco,
the night signal will not go far.  During February, KBRT is
required to end its daytime operations at sunset which is
5:30 PM according to the station's authorization.)

  Again, February 28 is tentatively the big day when the site
switch will occur and "commandeering" will take place.  Check out
the updated KBRT Oak Flat Photo Gallery (first URL) and the latest
Local Oscillator newsletter (second URL) for more information.



  No new FCC Enforcement Bureau items have been posted for
California by the FCC in quite some time.  In fact, the FCC
hasn't updated its Enforcement Actions sheet (one of two
Web pages we monitor) since December 13, 2012.

                           RANDOM NOTES


  o  Fabulous Super Bowl picture, a radio make-do during
  the partial power outage:

  o  The Harris Road Show at a glance:

  o  Details have emerged on getting analog FM tuners into
  Sprint cellphones:

  o  Six in 10 TV viewers watch TV and surf the Web
  simultaneously but only 14% prefer to watch video on their
  smartphones or tablets:

  o  Japan plans to move the world's first Ultra HD (4K)
  broadcasts up to July 2014 to stimulate consumer interest:

  o  There are at least a couple of Webcams setup for public
  viewing Mt. Wilson:

  o  Communications attorney John Garziglia is opposed to
  the creation of Class C4 FM stations although others are
  in favor of the idea:

  o  Not surprisingly, another study has shown that cats kill
  far more birds than towers -- to say nothing of plate glass

  o  Copper thefts continues unabated.  Here's a story on
  a local elementary school that was just hit:

  o  Broadcast engineer Jack Quinn, W6MZ, has passed away:

                       LETTERS TO THE EDITOR


  The most recent Tech Letters postings include the following:

  o  Roy Trumbull comments on how 740 kHz (now KBRT) may
  have been sited on Catalina Island in the first place:

  o  Chris Hays gives us his view as to why new 10 watt
  Class D FM stations were banned years ago:


  Letters to the Editor of the CGC Communicator should be
posted on the Tech Letters Website.  Here is the URL to see
the most recent postings and to make new postings (all letters
and comments are moderated and are posted after review):

  Please contact the moderator, Steve Blodgett, if you are
having trouble viewing or posting: sblodgett (at)


                            OFF TOPIC


  On the Serious Side:

  o  The Seattle Times gives us an inside look into Boeing's
  787 Dreamliner battery problems which may be only the tip of
  the iceberg:

  o  Pictures taken with today's smartphones/tablets often
  carry data tags showing where the picture was taken, a
  feature you can turn off:

  On the Lighter Side:

  o  Exquisite cars you may not have seen or heard of
  before (52 pictures):

  o  Germany's famous miniature airport revisited (16 minute
  video, okay to skip around):

  Far Out Material:

  o  The claim is that this 30-story Chinese hotel took less
  than a month to erect.  Each floor had electric and plumbing
  pre-fabed and tested before leaving the factory so the hotel
  was essentially Lego construction:

  o  Images from Sky Park in Singapore.  Click to enlarge,
  wait for download, hang on:

  Definitely High on the Richter Scale:

  o  An extraordinary ice "calving" event caught on video
  (in all fairness, there are other areas on Earth where ice
  fields are increasing):

  o  Feature film: "Shock and Awe, The Story of Electricity."
  This movie is exceedingly well written and filmed.  Thanks to
  Ted, KD6AKT, for uncovering this gem:



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