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                       THE CGC COMMUNICATOR

                             CGC #1190

                    Monday,  February 11, 2013


                 Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR,  Editor

    Copyright 2013, Communications General® Corporation (CGC)



  o  TV Pickup licensees must register their 6875-7125
  and 12700-13200 MHz stationary receive sites:

  o  NAB challenges FCC's alteration of OET-69, the
  methodology used to calculate the coverage areas of TV

  o  Media Bureau dismisses FM translator Form 349 "tech box"
  proposals and releases applicant selection lists:

  o has generated lists of surviving and
  dismissed FM translator applications, each list sorted by
  state and city, or by applicant (you choose):



  Notice of Violation issued to Acumen Communications for
operating a land-mobile station on Mt. Wilson on an unauthorized
VHF frequency -- and generating a spurious emission on yet another
frequency (150.6973 MHz) -- with the spur causing interference:



  o  The lead story in CGC #1188 read, "Should free Super
  Wi-Fi networks be deployed across the nation?  There is fierce
  support as well as adamant opposition to the plan."  Now,
  a colleague has informed CGC that "the [underlying] Washington
  Post Wi-Fi story was totally wrong."  Even major publications
  err substantially at times.

  o  The circuits used to upload the CGC Communicator will
  remain intact until sometime in early May 2013 according to
  a telephone call from XO/Concentric/Connectnet.  However, the
  technical complications for CGC in transitioning to another
  ISP for newsletter mass mailings are substantial, and we are
  continuing to examine our options.

  o  CGC #1188 mentioned an extraordinary film entitled, "Shock
  and Awe, The Story of Electricity."  As several readers noted,
  the film was removed from youtube shortly after we went to
  press.  Copyright infringement was the issue.  According to
  the Wall Street Journal, several major films that were illegally
  uploaded onto youtube were recently removed at the request of
  the copyright owners.

                       THE MT. WILSON REPORT


  Mt. Wilson reports about eight inches of snow on the
ground as of Sunday evening.  Should make for some nice
Webcam viewing in the morning.

                           RANDOM NOTES


  o  FCC's Pai to lead an NAB Show panel on AM radio's future:

  o  Bluetooth audio streaming in cars gains traction & features:

  o  Inept spoken advertisements have been coming from south
  of the U.S./Mexican border, a strange and bizarre situation
  that tarnishes the image of Mexico:

  o  Besides Webcams, other kinds of cameras can be used for
  site security, both day and night, such as these offerings
  from Bushnell:

  o  See how Aereo's technology works where users "rent" a
  pair of antennas at Aereo's hub to receive over-the-air TV
  "anywhere [the users] go on computers, iPhones or iPads:"



  Just to dispel any rumors to the contrary, the call sign
"KBRT" did not originate with Crawford Broadcasting.  The call
KBRT is shown on FCC Station License BRC-3741/BR-3192 dated
December 3, 1974 and the licensee was Bonneville International

  In those days, Bonneville's two Los Angeles stations,
KBIG(FM) and KBRT(AM), were marketed as "Big and Bright."
Indeed, KBRT did sound bright until HD Radio equipment was
later added and the analog high frequencies were rolled off.

                       LETTERS TO THE EDITOR


  Letters to the Editor of the CGC Communicator should be
posted on the Tech Letters Website.  The latest postings include
this gem from Howard Fine:

  ***  Be sure your C-band (3.7-4.2 GHz) satellite
  receiving dishes are registered to protect them from
  future interference that may be right around the corner. ***

  Here is the URL to see the most recent postings and to make
new postings (all letters and comments are moderated and are
posted after review):

  Please contact the moderator, Steve Blodgett, if you are
having trouble viewing or posting: sblodgett (at)


                            OFF TOPIC


  o  Remote monitoring is revolutionizing medicine:

  o  Brain waves carry both analytical and emotional
  information that can be tapped -- in a crude sense -- with
  consumer products like this one:

  o  First Baby Monitor: Zenith's 1937 "Radio Nurse" that
  operated on 300 kHz but was way ahead of its time:

  o  State of the art telephone technology for 1940 was buried
  coaxial cable.  Each cable pair could simultaneously carry 480
  multiplexed telephone conversations.  This Western Electric
  video shows how it was done - amazing technology at the time:

  o  Here is an "infographic" that allows you to visualize the
  550,000 miles of undersea cables that power the Internet today:



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