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                       The CGC Communicator

                             CGC #1198

                     Tuesday,  April 30, 2013


                 Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR,  Editor

    Copyright 2013, Communications General® Corporation (CGC)


  FCC News Briefs

  o  President Barack Obama is expected to soon nominate
  a former top lobbyist for the cable and wireless industries
  to lead the FCC according to a front page story in today's
  Wall Street Journal (subscription ordinarily required):

  o  The FCC is considering the possibility of improving
  receiver performance and invites Comments by June 21:

  o  FCC workshop set for May 3 to discuss the technical
  aspects of the 600 MHz wireless band plan that will result
  from the broadcast television incentive auction:

  o  OET releases updated TVStudy software which is highly

  o  Comments wanted on narrowband operations in the 769-775/
  799-805 MHz bands:


  FCC Enforcement Watch

  A recent FCC Notice of Violation for Pacifica Foundation
states in part as follows:

  "47 C.F.R. S 74.1265(b): "The call sign of the translator
or booster together with the name, address, and telephone number
of the licensee or local representative of the licensee if the
licensee does not reside in the community served by the translator
or booster, and the name and address of a person and place where
station records are maintained, shall be displayed at the
translator or booster site on the structure supporting the trans-
mitting antenna, so as to be visible to a person standing on the
ground at the transmitter site.  The display shall be prepared to
withstand normal weathering for a reasonable period of time and
shall be maintained in legible condition by the licensee."  At the
time of inspection, no information was observed concerning [FM
translator] station K212FV at the base of the supporting

  Are your boosters and translators 74.1265(b) compliant?

  The good folks in Washington should wipe this burdensome rule
off the books.


  Spamcop + Communicator Cutoff Date + Important Question

  Software known as Spamcop is suddenly rejecting a number
of CGC Communicator newsletters, apparently because of our use
of story titles with all capital letters (some think of this as
"shouting").  No problem.  This week's newsletter has been
recast to eliminate strings of all-capital letters.

  In other news, it's official:  On Wednesday, May 29, 2013
(or shortly thereafter) XO/Concentric/Connectnet plans to
terminate the circuits we use to upload The CGC Communicator
newsletter.  (This is a nationwide change and not one specifi-
cally directed at the Communicator.)  We hope to begin closed-
loop tests on a new distribution method soon and plan to be
clear of XO/Concentric/Connectnet by Tuesday, May 28, 2013.

  Important question:  If your station or company is one of
CGC's clients, on a scale of 0 to 5 how valuable are our once-a-
month Local FCC Applications & Actions listings?  "Zero" means
no value, "five" means great value.  Just "reply" to this news-
letter to let us know, and include your station call sign or
company name.


                           Random Notes

  General Notes of Interest


  o  Gold Coast Broadcasting has a series of translator
  applications pending for various frequencies (96.3, 96.5, 98.9,
  99.3, 99.5 and 104.9 MHz) for Solimar Beach.  However, all of
  these stations are to be located in the Pacific Ocean well off-
  shore (34-10-46N, 119-28-04W).  We are told that there just
  happens to be an oil rig at those coordinates.


  o  On the shutting down of Dielectric's antenna and
  (we are told) RF filter businesses:

  o  Harris Broadcast repositions to reduce staff.  "Total
  reduction is less than 10%, spread over a full-year time frame,
  on a global basis," said Harris Broadcast CEO Harris Morris:

  o  Expect ISDN changes from Verizon in May:

  o  The trend toward low-profile receiving antennas in cars,
  combined with increased computer hash from the car's electronics,
  is creating the perfect storm for diminished radio reception,
  especially AM:

  o  Frightened by changes in the car dashboard?  Lots of
  radio people are.  No one has figured it out but here is
  what seems to be happening:

  o  Radio is still the absolute king for listening audience,
  report finds:

  o  Silicon Labs releases digital radio chips for FM, HD,
  DAB and DAB+.  They feature antenna-in-to-audio-out on a
  single chip:

  o  Aereo is set to expand its service to Boston on May 15,
  bringing local over-the-air TV signals to computer screens:

  o  IT management challenges engineers:

  o  Patent trolls are being branded as "legal leeches,"
  and for good reason:

  o  Richard Rudman maintains that the U.S. still does not
  have a unified and coherent public warning strategy 12 years
  after 9/11/01:


  Improving Time Signal Reception on Atomic Clocks

  Here is an article about improving time signal reception
on "atomic clocks."  Overlooked is the fact that WWVB added
phase modulation ("PM") in Oct. 2012.  New clocks with PM decoding
capability will work much, much better than the current generation
of clocks.  That one monumental improvement (adding PM) will
solve a whole bunch of reception problems instantly.

                       Letters to the Editor

  Tech Letters

  The most recent Tech Letters postings include the following:

  o  Roy Trumbull shares his memories of the Solar One power
  plant on the road from Needles to Barstow.  Does the plant
  still exist?  Is it operational?

  o  Roy Trumbull reminds us of the perils of using two or
  more microphones where "acoustic phase cancellation" results
  in "comb-filtering" when audio outputs are combined.  Roy


  Letters to the Editor of the CGC Communicator should be
posted on the Tech Letters Website.  Here is the URL to see
the most recent postings and to make new postings (all letters
and comments are moderated and are posted after review):

  Please contact the moderator, Steve Blodgett, if you are
having trouble viewing or posting: sblodgett (at)


                            Off Topic

  High Standard Off Topic Material

  o  There is a surprisingly inexpensive and potentially
  very beneficial treatment for Alzheimers and perhaps a
  number of other serious conditions:

  o  Digital traces left by humans predict stock market moves:

  o  Solar Impulse, a solar-powered airplane designed to
  circle the Earth, should embark on its first U.S. test flight,
  from San Francisco to New York, on May 1:

  o  Recent experiments suggest the Earth's inner core is
  far hotter than prior experiments suggested, putting it at
  6,000 degrees C -- as hot as the Sun's surface.  The solid
  iron core at the center of the Earth is now believed to be

  o  "A Modern Aladdin's Lamp" is a neat old film covering the
  miracle of the vacuum tube.  From AT&T Archives:

  o  All about the Anheuser-Busch Clydesdale horses, and an
  interesting new use for smartphones:

  o  People who text while driving are 23 times more likely
  to have an accident than a non-distracted driver:

  o  91 year old singer Olivia Turner renders a stunning


  128 year old voice recording of Alexander Graham Bell

  We had no idea what Alexander Graham Bell sounded like.
Until now.  Here is a miraculous wax-and-cardboard disc
recording from 1885 (first URL) brought back to life in 2012.

  Listen as he says, "Hear my voice, Alexander Graham Bell."
Background info is at the second URL.  This is really neat:



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