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                             CGC #1202

                       Monday, May 20, 2013


                 Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR,  Editor

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  A New Non-Commercial FM Station for San Diego:
  KNSJ, Descanso, 89.1 MHz

  A new non-commercial educational FM station is being born.
KNSJ, Class B1, 89.1 MHz, Descanso, will serve the greater San
Diego area with a fringe (less than 60 dBu) signal, and pre-
liminary listening tests indicate that their transmitter on
Monument Peak "gets out" and makes itself heard in some
highly populated areas.

  Following is a letter from Martin Eder to tell us more
about this new venture.  Mr. Eder is Director and Treasurer of
Activist San Diego, permittee of KNSJ, according to their CP
application that is viewable at the following URL.

  CGC wishes KNSJ the best of success!


  KNSJ(FM) - Solid progress and (finally) on-air testing

  "We will give The CGC Communicator a little scoop for your
final May 2013 issue!  You can be the first to report that KNSJ
89.1 FM will be testing its signal next week after a six-year
effort to get on the air as San Diego's the newest public public
radio station.  We will be an educational, listener-supported
radio station.  We expect to have FCC approval within a couple
of weeks.  Our tower is up on Monument Peak at 6200 feet and
our city of record is Descanso, CA.  In tests the last 2 days
we were delighted to be able to pick up a good signal, while
driving around in all of central San Diego from La Mesa to Ocean
Beach, from Highway 52 in the north to the border of San Ysidro.
By Monday we should be testing the reach of KNSJ's signal in
East County and Imperial Valley.  Early estimates are that
KNSJ 89.1 FM will have a potential of more than 1 million
listeners in the 40 to 60 DB coverage area.  We will have
potential listeners in Mexico as well.

  "At this point KNSJ is a 100% volunteer organization
developing a community radio model of news and public affairs
along with many syndicated programs from nonprofit news outlets
and organizations.  What has been most impressive is that this
full power FM station was put on the air by sheer will power.
Since getting our construction Permit from the FCC, KNSJ got
virtually no grants or outside funding.  Our fundraising efforts
resembled bake sales more than cocktail parties.  Individual
donors and public events raised the $40,000 necessary, along
with literally 1000 hours of volunteer labor.

  "Our doors are open!  Join us!  --  Our doors are wide open
to radio enthusiasts that are surely among The CGC Communicator's
most consistent readers.  While some of us have backgrounds in
public radio, public TV and other media journalism, we lack
people with a multitude of journalism, radio skills and
programming ideas.  We would welcome an appeal in The CGC
Communicator's last newsletter to have people give us a call,
if they would like to get involved on the ground floor of this
new grassroots, community venture.  We have regular meetings
that are open to supporters on the first and third Thursdays
at 7 PM at 4246 Wightman St., San Diego 92105.  Radio enthusiasts
or any interested party can call us at 619-283-1100 or email us
at info (at) and find out more about our project at ."

  Martin Eder
  May 16, 2013


  Thank You

  Thanks to the many of you who have taken the time to thank
us for the CGC Communicator newsletter.  It is gratifying to see
so many responses.  Wish we had the time to answer each and every
one.  Rest assured that all letters were read by the Editor.

  As we've explained (CGC #1200), this is not necessarily the
end of the Communicator, but after 40 years of publication it's
time to take a little break.  Everything else at CGC remains
open for business as usual.

  Finally, just a quick note to say that our new newsletter
address [editor (at)] is not currently setup
to receive e-mails.  It is intended as an address for sending
e-mails to subscribers should we resume publication.  Please
continue to use the [cgc (at)] address
for now if you want to contact us about the newsletter.  That
address should remain operational until Wednesday, May 29, 2013.


                            Off Topic

  High Standard Off Topic Material

  A computer guru at Southern California Edison ("SCE")
was casting about Google to see what else the initials "SCE"
might stand for, and lo and behold a remarkable short story
and film about Apollo 12 was uncovered.

  Seconds after liftoff on man's second attempt to set foot
on the moon, the Apollo 12 rocket was hit by lightning --
twice -- and "all he!! broke loose."  Inside the space capsule,
flight data on the display screens was lost, a ton of alarms
flashed and telemetry to Earth became instantly indecipherable.
The mission would have to be aborted.

  Fortunately, one person knew exactly what to do.  You
can read about the heroic effort that saved Apollo 12 and
relive the critical moments by viewing a short video posted
at the Web address below.  You will also discover the alternate
meaning of "SCE."

  Many of us have managed to "save the day" by knowing just
what to do in an emergency, so this story will undoubtedly hit
home.  Don't forget to watch the video.  This is an amazing
and inspiring event -- and a great alternate use for the
initials "SCE" that will last forever.



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