CGC #601

by CGC on October 28, 2003

                      THE CGC COMMUNICATOR
                            CGC #601
                   Tuesday,  October 28, 2003
               Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR, Publisher
           Stephen H. Blodgett, W7RNA, Letters Editor
    Copyright 2003, Communications General® Corporation (CGC)
  As CGC Communicator readers know, the primary KFRG
transmitter has been decimated by fire.  KFRG operates on
95.1 MHz and is the LP-1 for its region, so every effort
has been made to keep the station on the air.
  KFRG is temporarily broadcasting at reduced power from
the old KGGI(FM) site on Box Springs Mountain, and is using
the old KGGI antenna to do so.  (KGGI relocated to a distant
mountain site some time ago, so their Box Springs facility had
been sitting dormant and was immediately made available for
KFRG's use.)
  Today, however, KGGI's main transmitter failed for
reasons unknown and their mountain site cannot be reached due
to fire activity.  KGGI is now in the process of reclaiming
their Box Springs site and KFRG has therefore lost the use of
the old KGGI antenna.  The good news is that both stations
plan to share the site, and KFRG is installing its own
temporary antenna on the KGGI tower as we go to press.
  Looking into the future, what happens if for some reason
both stations cannot share the same site?  And what happens
if Box Springs has to be abandoned by a number of broadcasters?
With the current fire situation, nothing can be taken for
granted.  Are there other sites in the area that KFRG could
use on short order?  Are there other sites on Box Springs that
could support KFRG?
  Work is continuing to resurrect KFRG's burnt-out
transmitter plant, but at best a number of days will be
required to reactivate that site, and that number could easily
stretch into weeks.  So, what are KFRG's options if it has to
move off the KGGI site?
  Please e-mail your thoughts to Scott Mason at the
following address  - .  KFRG is
prudently looking ahead, asking general "what if" questions
to be prepared for the worst.  Any and all help will be much
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