Tower Rigger Page

Tower Riggers Serving Southern California
        Compiled by Communications General Corporation (CGC)

                  List Completely Updated - 01/22/01
                       Last Modified - 02/15/08

  The tower riggers listed below are those who were recommended by
southern California broadcast stations or who have contacted CGC asking
to be added to the list.  The list is provided as a public service for
the communications industry, and Communications General Corporation makes
no representations as to the qualifications of any person or organization
which appears on this list.  Please see the 'Words of Precaution' posted
at the end of this page for important information.

  Listings are in alphabetical order by company name, or by surname
when a company name is not provided.

Broadcast Installations
Jess Drake (805) 466-2222 (o + fax)
6755 Santa Ynez Avenue
Atascadero, CA 93422
Area Served: West Coast of U.S.
Specialties: Tower erection, installations,
fabrication of mounting brackets.

Com-Plus - Complete Communications Contractor
Ed Sogge  (805) 569-0234 office
          (805) 882-1961 fax
320 Lighthouse Road
Santa Barbara,  CA  93109
Areas served: CA
Contractors Lic. #269092 ~ B-C10 General & Electrical
Specialties: Ground-up construction & installation
plus maintenance, repairs and alignments ~ towers,
antennas, dishes, RF transmission lines, buildings,
foundations, stand-by generators and air conditioning

Hignite Tower Service
John Hignite (562) 925-1951 (o)
             (562) 925-6171 (fax)
9945 Arkansas Street
Bellflower, CA 90706-5915
Area Served: AZ, CA, (entire U.S. on occasion)
Specialties: Full spectrum of services using consultants

H. C. Jeffries Tower Company
Call:             877-978-6937 (toll free)
                  281-577-8000 (local)
                  281-577-8001 (fax)
24900 Ford Road
Porter, TX 77365
Specialties: Tall broadcast tower erection, fabrication,
management and service. In the industry for over 30 years.

Interstate Tower Inc.
Susan Kohnen  (888)545-7483(SITE)
804 3rd Street
Hawarden IA 51023
Area Served: United States
Specialties: Tower Installation, Tower erection, tower maintenance

Bill Weatherly (909) 923-3748 or (909) 947-2799
               (909) 947-1130 Fax
1604 S. Vineyard
Ontario, CA 91761
prior to 3/2001(1739 S. Grove Ave., Ontario, CA 91761)
Area Served: Southern CA
Specialties: PCS, Paging, Satellite, RF specialists, Maintenance.
Notes: Motorola MSS, Glenayre Care, Warranty Services.

Millhouse Construction/Utah Tower Co. Inc.
Wayne Millhouse   (877) 402-4599
                  (801) 667-3490 (o)
                  (801) 368-4809 (mobile)
E-mail address: 
Web Site:
P.O. Box E
Goshen, Utah 84633
Area Served: Western U.S.
Specialties: Turnkey site installations including tower erection,
maintenance building and roadway construction and antenna and Cable
work of all kinds.

Norris Tower Services
Todd Norris, owner   (909) 656-6386
                     (909) 633-2704 (cell)
22670 Chelsea Ct.
Moreno Valley, CA 92553
Area Served: CA, AZ & NV
Specialties: Maintenance, Antenna/Cable Installation and Tower Erection.
Notes: Licensed Contractor (C-10, #786561).

P&R Tower Company Inc.
Pete Smith (916) 381-2170 (o)
           (916) 381-2144 (fax)
           (916) 362-1844 (h)
9370 Elder Creek Road
Sacramento, CA 95829
Area Served: U.S., Mexico (World-wide on occasion)
Specialties: Installation, Maintenance, Emergency Service,
Troubleshooting, Towers, Antennas, AM Ground Systems, Foundations,
RF Suits Available.
Notes: Tower Design & Fabrication by co-owned Magnum Towers Inc.

Planck Technical Services, Inc.
Richard Almendarez (909) 370-4515 (o)
                   (909) 370-4862 (fax)
Web Site: 
226 W. "B" Street
Colton, CA 92324
Area Served: Total U.S.
Specialties: Construction, installation, erection
Notes: Two Registered Prof. Engineers on staff

Radian Communications Services, Inc.

Doreen Trant (local contact)
SVP, Sales & Marketing
8750 N. Central Expressway, Suite 600
Dallas, TX 75231
Tel: 214-696-8830
Fax: 214-696-8788


David B. Hahn
VP Business Development & Marketing - North American
461 Cornwall Road, Oakville, Ontario, Canada, L6J 5C5
Tel: 905-339-4005
Fax: 905-339-4003

Area Served: Worldwide
Specialties: Turnkey solutions + engineering, emergency response.
Notes: All Radian tower people work directly for the company, are
OSHA trained and work under a license.  Tower analyses are 
performed and signed off by Professional Engineers.

RD Engineering & Construction, Inc.
Bob Davison (619) 562-2255 ext.15 (o)
            (619) 562-2445 (fax)
1660 N. Magnolia
El Cajon, CA 92020
Area Served: AZ, CA, HI & NV
Specialties: Cellular/PCS turn-key site construction
+ general construction, fabrication, architectural, etc.
Notes: Prof. Engineers on staff

Soelberg Construction
Vic Soelberg
Phone 760-420-5580 or 760-420-7999
Western US
Complete site installation, excavation to antenna installation 
Tower Maintenance Licensed, Insured

Tower Consultants, Inc.

Jassen Hahn
Sales Manager
Dallas,   TX
Tower Consultants, Inc.
15 Surrey    Ct.
Columbia,   SC 29212
Ph: 803-407-8489
Fax: 803-407-8691

Tower Consultants, Inc. (TCI) brings together over 70  combined years of
engineering experience in the tower industry. With  professional engineering
licenses in over 40 states, an industry leading Program  Management team, and
experience with nearly every brand of Wireless and  Broadcast tower in the
country, TCI is your one stop shop for turnkey tower  projects. From new
tower design to on-site tower inspections TCI brings to  the table decades of
knowledge and experience in the tower industry.


STC Wireless Resources
Mike McKeever,                    (909) 481.9750 ofc.
Director of Technical Operations  (909) 481.9740 fax
10002 6th St. Unit A
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
Area Served: CA, AZ, NV, WA, OR, CO, UT
Specialties:  Full RF technical services, Installations, Tower Erections,
EME Surveys and Reports, Turn Key, PCS, Satellite, Microwave, Paging, Telco,
Wireless Internet, etc.
Notes: Hold GC licenses in all states served. Fully insured. Over 170+
Employees. Certified Climbers.

Tenco Tower Company
Donald Tenn (916) 638-8833 (o)
            (916) 362-6846 (fax)
9647 Folsom Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95827
Area Served: U.S.
Specialties: Detailed Tower and Antenna Inspections with report
which consists of approximately 32 pages of documentation with
still and video photography. Annual Tower and Antenna maintenance
contracts. Emergency service + full spectrum: construction,
installation (AM, FM, cellular, TV, microwave).
Notes: Holds a General Engineering degree.

Western Technical Services
              (714) 998-2121
              (714) 998-7808 (fax)
Web Page 
526 W. Blueridge Ave. Orange CA 92865
Area Served: Entire U.S., Canada and Mexico (Worldwide on occasion).
Specialties:  Turnkey installations, technical troubleshooting
and emergency service of terrestrial & ENG microwave systems,
satellite TVRO systems, and traffic/weather camera systems.
Complete tower services for paging, 2-way, cellular, PCS, & spread
spectrum systems.  Tower construction & rooftop development.
Rental:  Licensed FCC Common Carrier: Rental of temporary video
microwave systems.
Equipment:  Equipment dealer for Microwave Radio Communications (MRC),
Tadiran Microwave Networks, Wescam (Troll Technology), Andrew
Corporation and Cablewave Systems.
Safety:  Have RFR suits & RF meters for "hot" tower climbing.
All tower personnel are trained & certified in fall protection, first
aid and CPR.  We have a strict policy of 100% "tie-off" climbing.
Founding Member of the National Association of Tower Erectors and
active on the NATE Training Committee.
Insurance:  General Liability - $ 4,000,000   Workers Compensation
- $ 1,000,000   Auto - $ 1,000,000
License:  Contractors license classification ("B") General Building
Contractor, Lic#749180
Office Locations:  Main office in Orange California.  Field offices
in Dallas, TX and San Francisco, CA.


                             WORDS OF PRECAUTION

  I checked the Contractor's State License Board website and was AMAZED
at how many of the individuals or companies on (the 1999 Tower Rigger List)
were never licensed, or who have suspended or expired licenses.  Perhaps the
most important aspect of this is that insurance companies will weasel out of
paying claims for companies "engaged in illegal activities."  In some cases,
this has been as minor as not securing a city business license!  Given the
nature of disasters that can occur when people are working hundreds of feet
in the air, a lack of insurance could be catastrophical to the tower owner
as the next deep pocket in line for damages.

  Courts have held that a tower owner is assumed to be the employer for
purposes of worker's compensation if the "contractor" does not have workers
comp coverage.  The state license board requires worker's comp; it does not
require general liability coverage.  The license bond required by the state
is of little value to the owner.  For example, our license bond is in the
amount of $7,500 as required by law, and we have current single contracts
in excess of $6,000,000.  Even a job as small as changing a light bulb could
have severe financial impact on a tower owner if an accident occurred and the
climber did not have workers comp insurance.

  A company or individual cannot "borrow" or "work under" the license of
another.  The entity entering into an agreement must be the entity whose name
appears on the license.  For example, I am the RMO (responsible managing
officer) for the California State Contractors License for Tower Structures,
Inc., but since I have not filed as a sole proprietor as well, I could not
legally enter into an agreement as an individual.

  There are separate classes of licenses as well.  For projects involving
antenna installation only, a class C-7 Low Voltage Electrical license is
required.  For erecting a tower, a class C-51 Structural Steel license is
required.  For installing a foundation, a Class A General Engineering license
or Class C-8 Concrete license is required.  Yes, we do have all of these
as well as a Class B, General Building license.  The only good news for an
owner using an unlicensed contractor is that if the owner does not pay for
the work performed, the contractor does not have the legal right to file
suit for payment.  I think the downside risk is far greater.

  The website for the California license board is: 

  Along the same legal lines, CAL-OSHA requires that anyone erecting a
structure over 35 feet in height or anyone excavating (such as for a foundation)
is required to get permits from CAL-OSHA.  Owners should demand copies of these
prior to start of work when towers are to be erected.  Again, failure to comply
with state law could result in a court ruling that the contractor committed an
illegal act (not to mention the fines imposed by CAL-OSHA themselves).

  I should probably insert a caveat that I am not an attorney, and that your
readers should seek the advice of an attorney in legal matters, but with nearly
30 years of experience in contracting, I am familiar with the licensing

  Steve Hopkins, March 1999
  Tower Structures, Inc.

  End of File