THE CGC COMMUNICATOR

                            CGC #388

                     Wednesday,  May 3, 2000

                 Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR, Editor

     Copyright 2000, Communications General Corporation (CGC)



  The FCC has released its long-awaited low power FM (LPFM)
channel finder program.  You provide the coordinates (NAD 27
datum) and the Commission's program does the rest, for free:


  The FCC has also announced that the California window for
LP-100 applications will run from May 30 to June 5.  The
following URL has the details:



  Wes Becker had trouble downloading FCC Form 318 (the LPFM
application form) from the pdf URL given in CGC #384.  Even
though the URL is correct, he could not directly access it
using Microsoft Explorer.  He writes as follows:

  I found an easier way that worked for me.  Use:
  At that webpage I selected "Application for Construction
Permit."  Lo & behold, when I did that, I got the "whole
enchilada."  This included the instructions plus the form
(total 24 pages) in Acrobat (pdf) format.


  Turning off Selective Availability will save our company
money for satellite differential data fees and allow us to use
smaller, less expensive GPS units for our high speed all channel
field strength measuring service.  It'll also make it much easier
for clients in the US to pinpoint facilities under study.

  Chip Morgan, CMBE, Inc., Chip@cmbe.com 


  Very timely information since I am at ITS America Annual
Meeting this week.  The intelligent transportation systems (ITS)
community is a big user of GPS.

  For whatever reason, your link and the white house display
was good.  Another ITS newsletter e-mail had a garbled
presentation of this announcement.

  Richard Doering, WA6CFM


  The error on my Garmin Street Pilot went from 75 feet to
16 feet over night.

  Sherman George, Director, UCSD Media Center


  Your bulletin #387 was of vast interest.  I am the owner
of a patented claim just South of Prescott, AZ.  There are six
claims in the group and we are having difficulties with one owner
attempting to close the roads into our sites.

  The use of GPS is enormously increased by the accuracy
increase and will allow us to remove the illegal gates that have
been erected here.

  Jack Hanny, KB7CH


  Shutting off Selective Availability: Instant product
improvement!  Thanks for the good news.

  As you may be aware, Wescam (in addition to our stabilized
cameras) manufactures the Troll Technology product line of
airborne and ground based ENG antenna systems running the gamut
from 1.3 GHz to above 15 GHz.  These are steered by GPS

  At the higher end of the spectrum, as beamwidths get narrower,
the pointing equation is more critical; this is also true for
short ranges, such as a tactical tracking requirement to an
orbiting police helicopter.

  I guess Uncle Sam has helped us work out an engineering
solution in our more critical applications!

  Tom Storli, VP, Airborne Ops, Wescam, TStorli@WESCAM.com 


  Anyone want to buy a FM DGPS receiver?

  Joel Saxberg


  Here's something your readers may or may not already know:
The FCC only supports the Netscape Browser for some of its web
sites.  I recently had a problem using Microsoft Internet
Explorer and following is the response I received from the FCC.

  Tim Schultz, Univision

  (Dear Mr. Schultz,)

  The problem you are experiencing may be a result of you using
the wrong web browser version.

  All purposes that involve the Java Applets require Netscape
Communicator 4.5, 4.51, 4.61 or 4.7 with the FCC Smart Update
properly installed.  You can download a free copy of Netscape
from <http://home.netscape.com/download>.  No other web browsers
will work (for) the following purposes:

  TIN/Call Sign Registration, Authorization of Assignment,
  Renewal Modification, Amendment, Modification, New, Transfer
  of Control, ASR Filing, ASR Query.  ....

  Steve Weiner, FCC Technical Support


  Now I know why my computer speakers sound so bad:  I need
to replace the computer IEC cord with one of those $499 specials,
and get a $995 plug strip for the wall wart transformer.

  However, I may not be able to do this at work:  There is no
mention on the web site that any of this stuff meets minimum UL
listing requirements.  In fact, the "special aluminum" chassis is
advertised as not being grounded, the neutral conductors are
advertised as not being the NEC required white nickel color, and
there is no mention of a circuit breaker.....

  J.D. Strahler


  I got the same (great fidelity improvement) by changing out
the power cords on all my audio equipment with 04 gauge power
cable from trimmings that the electrical contractor threw out
during construction of new a new building across the street
from my office.

  The increased speed of the electric power going into my
amplifiers really made the orchestral strings sound much clearer
and warmer and the trumpets more brilliant.....

  John Reiser, FCC

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