THE CGC COMMUNICATOR

                            CGC #472

                  Thursday,  September 13, 2001

                 Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR, Editor

     Copyright 2001, Communications General Corporation (CGC)



  CGC will be working on a special project for the New
York City ("NYC") area over the next several weeks, and our
extracurricular resources will be extremely limited.  Therefore,
we are concluding our long-form coverage of the NYC catastrophe
with this newsletter.  However:

  (a) if you have stories pertaining to NYC, please limit
  them to nine short lines of text (same as our regular
  Letters-to-the-Editor format) and those stories will be
  published in next week's regularly scheduled newsletter,

  (b) if there are special and urgent items pertaining to
  southern California which would best be distributed by the
  CGC Communicator, you can still count on us to publish a
  special edition just to cover that event.

  Thanks to all who have provided a wealth of information on
the NYC crisis, and to those who have helped (and are helping)
on local EAS issues.



  After talking with the FCC and others in Washington, everyone
seems to agree that EAS RWTs and RMTs can be skipped this week.
It is likely that things will return more closely to normal once
the FAA authorizes full resumption of air travel, and the
likelihood of the general public mistaking a test for something
more serious will be lessened.

  As far as logging is concerned, attaching a copy of this email
or another email you may have received on this subject to your
log.  [That] should cover you if any question on this comes up.

  One other thing.  If you have already done a test this week or
you do one by accident, I do not see any type of compliance
problem arising.

  If anyone has questions, please contact me off list.

  Richard Rudman, rar01@earthlink.net 
  Chair, FCC EAS National Advisory Committee
  Vice Chair, California EAS SECC
  Chair, Los Angeles County LECC
  (Wed, 12 Sep 2001 21:13:02 GMT)



  In response to Richard Rudman's email above, Oscar Medina
writes as follows:

  "I have a call in to the FCC on the same topic.  Waiting for
a response before sending out a message to all facilities in the
San Diego operational area."

  (Wed, 12 Sep 2001 21:24:54 -0700)



  The following extracts from a Newsday article furnished by
Bill Sutherland give a good overview of the New York broadcast

  The destruction of more than 100 antennae atop One World
Trade Center tower knocked all but one city-based television
station off the air yesterday.  Meanwhile, destroyed equipment
and heavy volume crippled the telephone system as millions were
unable to complete calls.....

  New Yorkers without cable or satellite television - about one-
quarter of all the homes in the metro area - had few choices for
how to watch what was possibly the biggest news story of their
lifetime.  Only WCBS/2 was broadcasting because an older antenna
atop the Empire State Building was still functional....

  "Everybody's towers were on the World Trade Center," said Mike
St. Peter, assistant news director of UPN/9, one of the stations
knocked off the air....

  While it took UPN/9 a few hours to get its signal on
Cablevision systems yesterday morning, the city stations with
their live news reports continued to feed directly into cable
homes with little interruption....

  By 3 p.m., WNBC's signal was picked up by WLIW/21 whose antenna
is located in Plainview.  However, by early evening, the [other]
city stations still hadn't found alternate ways to transmit their
signal[s].  Carbonell said it was likely to take several days
before WNBC and the others could restore their signals....

  The Internet infrastructure was not really affected by the
attack because no essential equipment was located at the towers...



  Yesterday LARCAN was quite involved with our customers WWOR,
WNBC, WYNW and WNET to provide some sort of temporary transmitter
configuration.  WPIX is currently transmitting from their backup
facility with a lower power LARCAN unit.  At the end of the day
yesterday, we managed to ship two medium power transmitters, one
for WNBC and the other for WWOR.

  As well, we dispatched three Technical Representatives with
the shipment to provide installation services at the other end.
They will arrive later today (Wednesday) and expect to have NBC
on the air within the next 24 hours.  Today LARCAN will ship the
balance of the transmitter requirement.  The NBC transmitting
site in New Jersey is just over the NY border off Interstate 9W.

  There were some Canadian/US border issues but given that this
was emergency broadcasting equipment and together with our
brokerage company and all of the correct paperwork, we did pass
it through customs and the FBI who carefully examined the

  Scott Miron, Manager, Technical Services, Larcan
  As forwarded to CGC by Dave Hill (Wed, 12 Sep 2001 17:04:53 EDT)



  Most of [the World Trade Center TV stations] had engineers
on site!  Please pray for their families and especially for our
President and our Country as we face this tragedy and make some
tough decisions together.

  Bill Agresta, KBRT(AM), Avalon
  (Wed, 12 Sep 2001 16:41:28 -0700)

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