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                            CGC #490

                   Thursday,  December 6, 2001

                 Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR, Editor

     Copyright 2001, Communications General Corporation (CGC)



  The Digital Audio Broadcasting ("DAB") Subcommittee of
NRSC has published its long-awaited "Evaluation of the iBiquity
Digital Corporation IBOC System" report, covering the FM DAB
system.  According to extensive tests observed by industry
experts, iBiquity's IBOC system is a significant improvement
over analog transmission systems, and the digital sideband impact
on analog reception is both minimal and acceptable.  The system
tested shows almost full immunity from typical FM multipath
reception problems, and significantly improved stereo coverage.

  The conclusion of the report is, "The NRSC therefore recommends
that the iBiquity FM IBOC system as tested by the NRSC should be
authorized by the FCC as an enhancement to FM broadcasting in the
U.S., charting the course for an efficient transition to digital
broadcasting with minimal impact on existing analog FM reception
and no new spectrum requirements."  Some additional testing on
subcarrier compatibility has been agreed to between iBiquity,
radio reading services, and NPR.  The iBiquity AM compatibility
report is expected to be acted on in the near future by the NRSC
as well.

  The FM IBOC report now goes to the FCC, who is expected to
move forward with the next steps in the pending rulemaking on
digital radio, MM 99-325.  iBiquity expects a number of
manufacturers to be displaying transmission wares at the spring
NAB, several test markets to be on the air in 2002, and mass
market receivers to be unveiled at CES 2003.

  The complete NRSC report (pdf format) may be viewed at:


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