THE CGC COMMUNICATOR
                            CGC #537
                    Friday, September 6, 2002
                 Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR, Editor
     Copyright 2002, Communications General Corporation (CGC)
  As reported in CGC #536, KVCR-TV, Channel 24, public
broadcasting for the Inland Empire (Riverside/San Bernardino)
left the air early this week.  The problem has been traced
to a klystron failure in their RCA TTU-55 transmitter, and
their spare klystron turned out to be a dud.
  A new klystron is scheduled to arrive Monday morning at
the earliest, and that is when help from a local engineer
familiar with changing the TTU-55 klystron would be needed.
  Anyone who can help is asked to contact KVCR's Chief
Engineer, Tom Guptill, at one of the following numbers:
  (760) 985-5640 (cellular)
  (909) 384-4346 (office)
  (760) 245-2406 (home)
  The good news is that the TTU-55's cooling system has been
changed and, according to Tom, works well.
  KVCR published the following text earlier today for listing
services, local newspapers, etc.  We include it here as a matter
of record:
  Friday, September 6, 8 am, PT
  This is the sad news that KVCR-TV remains off-air at this time.
The large-scale replacement of our water cooling system that was
the purpose of our "planned" outage Wednesday and Thursday went
without a hitch.  However, the problems caused by not having that
cooling system over the last weekend when the air temps hit records
highs has resulted in the destruction of our transmitter's final
tube ... a 500 pound monster that sits in an 800 pound magnet.  We
had a spare.  The spare was installed taking a full day.  The spare,
which we have paid a lease on to have here for such an occasion,
seems to be a dud and the company which makes those tubes has
changed hands.
  Bottom line is that after five grueling long days/nights, our
engineering staff is completely exhausted and actually went home
last night to get some sleep.  Today the chief engineer will be
attempting to find ... somewhere .. a replacement final tube and
get it here ASAP.  When it arrives, it will have to be taken up a
really bad road to the transmitter site on Box Springs Mt. and
installed and tested.  This is all very difficult and leaves us
off-air for perhaps another week....
  Thanks for your understanding ... and compassion.
  Don Leiffer, Program/PI Director
  [Again, a new tube has been located, and the new cooling system
is working well.  The station could be back on the air as soon as
Monday if all goes well and the right help is located.   -Ed.]
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