THE CGC COMMUNICATOR
                            CGC #622
                   Thursday,  March 25, 2004
               Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR, Publisher
           Stephen H. Blodgett, W7RNA, Letters Editor
    Copyright 2004, Communications General=AE Corporation (CGC)
  The CGC Communicator is undergoing a number of changes,
and we need your help in one particular area.
  First, our consulting office has started work on a
challenging new project that will probably result in an
unpredictable Communicator publication schedule over the next
few months, and a reduced number of stories.  A little break
after 33 years of continuous publication doesn't seem like a
bad idea either.
  Second, our Letters Editor, Steve Blodgett, has moved to
Phoenix and will be retiring from the Communicator effective
July 1, at which time we plan to end our Letters to the Editor
and Job Shoppe sections.  (Steve, we are going to miss you -
your contributions and skills have been outstanding.  The best
of success in Phoenix!)
  Third, in order to fill the void and permanently expand
local news, we are inviting the Los Angeles and San Diego SBE
Chapters to join forces and establish a moderated web-based
publication to accept Letters to the Editor, photos and Job
Shoppe openings.  With their diverse membership bases, these
organizations should be able to do a stellar job in these
important areas.  Watch future Communicators for more
  Fourth, e-mail delivery of the Communicator is starting
to become difficult as overly aggressive spam filters tighten
their grip.  Last week a government agency installed a filter
beyond its users' control, and this week a major corporation
did likewise.  If your Communicators suddenly disappear, you
can always find them web posted courtesy of Bext Corporation
at <http://www.bext.com/_CGC>.
  Fifth, because of the overzealous filters, it is likely
that we will be forced to abandon e-mail delivery of the
Communicator someday.  Our tentative plan is to then send a
short e-advisory each time a new newsletter is web posted; of
course the direct URL for the newsletter will be included too.
  Finally, here's how you can help: (a) how meaningful has
the Communicator been to you over the years, (b) what particular
categories of information that we currently publish are the most
important, (c) can you in fact download Communicators from the
web (try <http://www.bext.com/_CGC/2004/cgc620.htm>) and (d) is
there any chance that the Communicator has run its course
because so much engineering news is now readily available in
print, on the Internet and at the FCC's web site?
  Please send your comments to Bob Gonsett with "Comments"
as the subject line.  His address is mailto:rgonsett@ieee.org.
Your input is for internal use only and will not be posted.
  The CGC Communicator has been a terrific way to give back
to an industry that has been good to us.  Thanks for taking the
time to look over our plans and send us your thoughts.
  The CGC Communicator is published for broadcast engineering
  professionals in so. California by Communications General=AE
  Corporation (CGC), consulting radio engineers, Fallbrook, CA.
  Short news items are always welcome from our readers,
  and letters may be edited for brevity and clarity.  Letters
  to the Editor (Job Shoppe included) should be sent to
  mailto:steve@earthsignals.com.  For subscription and change
  of e-dress, mailto:rgonsett@ieee.org.
  CGC Communicator articles may be reproduced in any form
  provided they are unaltered and credit is given to the CGC
  Communicator and the originating authors, when named.  Past
  issues may be viewed and searched at http://www.bext.com/_CGC/
  courtesy of Bext Corporation.
_________________________    End   _______________________________