THE CGC COMMUNICATOR
                            CGC #626
                    Tuesday,  April 13, 2004
               Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR, Publisher
           Stephen H. Blodgett, W7RNA, Letters Editor
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                    Special Edition Newsletter
                      LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
 (100 Words or Less - Weekly Deadline is Wednesday, 6 PM Pacific)
  It seems that quite a number of readers have been experiencing
e-mail troubles.  Here are a few samples from last week's letters:
  Deborah McAdams (News Editor of a TV magazine) wrote:
  "It's almost a relief to read that you, too, have had e-mail
problems.  We're experiencing the same phenomenon here, and we
always just assumed it was our own e-mail system."
  From Fred in Ohio:
  "I've had to encourage people that I do business with to either
speak to me on the phone, or write a letter.  E-mail has become so
unproductive and undependable that it no longer is relevant to my
business.  A couple of years ago I cherished e-mail as a 
productivity tool.  Now I discourage its use."
  Jim Price, K6ZH, writes:
  "I know of several specific incidents in which I've not gotten
e-mail that was addressed to me, even though others in the same
domain got them.  I raised the matter with my ISP on several
occasions, but the only response has been something like "if
you're getting e-mail, you're getting everything; there's no way
you could be getting only "some" e-mail."  I've been totally unable
to crack the bureaucracy of my ISP to get any individual help."
  Marvin Collins had this to say:
  "I had a great example of <e-mail trouble> recently.  After my
wife and I returned from a cruise, I sent an e-mail to a friend,
and received a reject notice from the recipient's IP service.  I
suspected the problem was the subject title I chose, "Panama Canal
Cruise."  I resent the same e-mail with a less common subject
title and it was received by the recipient."
  Ken Brown wrote about efforts to combat Spam and Virus e-mails:
  "I host mail for a few #2 market TV stations, network and
recording studios.  We receive 2,000 to 20,000 e-mails a day and
an average 60 to 80% Spam is tagged or removed.  Out of this we
remove from 50 to 900 Virus messages a day.  For CGC [delivering
the Communicator by e-mail], it looks like it's a loosing battle.
One way to solve the problem of lost mail is for everyone on your
list to contact their mail provider (if they have Spam control)
and add the CGC IP or email address as a 'white listed' address."
  Finally, Bob Gonsett notes that:
  <rgonsett@ieee.org> went down on Saturday (4/3) at about
3:10 p.m., and that most of his incoming e-mail on Sunday (4/4)
was lost as well.  Test pings showed that few "failure-to-deliver"
notices were issued.  Bob asks that any messages sent to him
during the dark age be resent now.  Fun, isn't it?
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