THE CGC COMMUNICATOR
                            CGC #641
                    Saturday,  July 17, 2004
                Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR,  Editor
    Copyright 2004, Communications General=AE Corporation (CGC)

  As many of you know, Steve Blodgett retired from the CGC
Communicator on July 1, and with his departure we decided not
to continue our Letters to the Editor and Job Shoppe sections -
features we have offered for well over 30 years, but which
have demanded a large amount of editorial time lately.
  Now, thanks to the effort of Gary Stigall, a new web-based
publication has emerged to fill the void and carry the torch
forward - and even expand the offerings.  The new publication is
called BENX.US and its web address is <http://benx.us>.  Note
that there is no "www" in the address, and the address ends with
dot us, not dot com.
  While it is conceivable that the CGC Communicator will fold
its efforts into BENX someday, the Communicator will remain a
separate and independent publication for the immediate future,
and will continue to be delivered by e-mail.
  Web-based delivery is probably the future of newsletter
delivery because of overly aggressive e-mail spam filters, so
Gary's venture will be very exciting to watch.  Gary's write up
below tells about his new pub and speaks for itself.  We hope
you will take the time to contribute messages and stories to
benx.us, and contribute often!
  Bob Gonsett, CGC, mailto:rgonsett@ieee.org
  I created BENX.US <http://benx.us> to help broadcast
engineers communicate with each other.  The long name is Broadcast
Engineers' News and Exchange.  There was an alternate, cute name,
but a couple of friends advised me to pick a very short one.
  The site is inspired by the work of friend Bob Gonsett and
his CGC Communicator.  His reports started as a regional southern
California monthly broadside and have morphed into a big,
friendly, often national, weekly bulletin.  He's put in countless
hours through the years compiling FCC bulletins, editing letters
for publication, and formatting all that stuff for his newsletter,
and we all appreciate it.
  What is intended here is a way to take the load off Bob and
give you, the reader, immediate, national news, a way to post
your opinions, your history, and your photos, all in an automated
fashion.  It's not intended to replace the excellent job done
by the trade publications like Radio World, TV Technology and
Broadcast Engineering.
  The home page of benx.us is a weblog -- "blog" as it's more
commonly called.  A blog is a lively on-line journal, informal
and interactive, where readers are encouraged to discuss issues
by sending in comments.  BENX is where we'll post the day's news
briefs and links to more information if relevant.  A searchable
archive of those posts will also be provided.
  From http://benx.us take the link to the forums page where
an index exists of forums that we are starting for many relevant
subjects.  This is where you post your own announcements and
opinions.  We moderate if things get out of hand.  Please read
the rules before posting.
  All that remains is to participate!
     * Join the forum.
     * Post comments to the index page "blog."
     * Submit links to interesting information you've
       found online.
     * Send your long war stories and photos for
       publication on a dedicated page.
     * Become a moderator.
  Don't be afraid to submit your email address -- it won't be
published unless you say or do so.  BENX.US is not a spammer's
email address magnet, nor is it currently tied to any commercial
venture.  On the home page, there's a link to a submission page.
  Lots of work remains, so please be patient.  There are future
plans -- e-mail bulletins, RSS capabilities, sponsorships....
The site is a hobby, not a career.  That said, I'd appreciate
your suggestions.
  Enjoy, Gary Stigall, mailto:wa7rgq@yahoo.com
  The CGC Communicator is published for broadcast engineering
  professionals in so. California by Communications General=AE
  Corporation (CGC), consulting radio engineers, Fallbrook, CA.
  Letters to the Editor should be submitted via <http://benx.us>,
  as outlined in this newsletter.  For new subscriptions to the
  CGC Communicator, to cancel subscriptions, or to change your
  e-dress already on file at our office, mailto:rgonsett@ieee.org.
  CGC Communicator articles may be reproduced in any form
  provided they are unaltered and credit is given to the CGC
  Communicator and the originating authors, when named.  Past
  issues may be viewed and searched at http://www.bext.com/_CGC/
  courtesy of Bext Corporation. =20
  The views expressed in our newsletters do not necessarily
  reflect those of Communications General=AE Corporation, Bext,
  or the newsletter editor.
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