THE CGC COMMUNICATOR
                            CGC #716
                    Friday, December 2, 2005
                 Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR, Editor
    Copyright 2005, Communications General® Corporation (CGC)
  Following is an open letter from Scott Lacy, P.E.,
Supv. Engineer at Southern California Edison.  Our thanks to
Mr. Lacy for taking the initiative to communicate by e-mail,
and for allowing us to reproduce his letter here.  Many will
benefit from his efforts, and the efforts of the other
individuals who are directly involved in the Mt. Wilson
power improvement project.  Here, then, is Mr. Lacy's letter:
  Hi Everyone - Well, you've probably noticed the significant
amount of work that SCE (through our approved contractors - Par
Electric and Arizona Pipeline) have been performing up and around
Mt. Wilson over the past few months, and we're getting ready to
take another major step in our infrastructure replacement project
up there next week by transferring our existing 4kV circuitry to
a temporary mobile substation, which will enable us to begin
completely rebuilding our existing permanent substation.
  Unfortunately, this load transfer activity will require a
series of intermittent power outages throughout the course of
the day on Tuesday, December 6, which will affect ALL customers
in the Mt. Wilson area, between the hours of roughly 9am and 4pm.
We are unable to tell you exactly when, how many, or for how long
each of these outages will be for each individual customer - some
of you might see just one outage for 15-30 minutes or so, others
might see three or four separate outages for 10-15 minutes each
spaced throughout the day, while others will see some other
combination of number & lengths of outages.  If you have backup
generation at your facility, we would recommend that you plan on
running on that equipment from approximately 8am through 5pm that
day.  I'm sorry, but we will not be able to provide generators to
any customers that do not currently have their own backup
generation.  An 'official' notification will be mailed out to all
customers affected, but I figured that this e-mail note would be
a more effective means to reach the people that really need to
know about this.
  Just to provide some additional status report to you folks:
We've completed our conversion from 16kV to 33kV of the 14-mile
line from La Canada through Red Box up the back side of Mt. Wilson
and will be using the temporary mobile 33/4kV substation installed
below Fox TV's facility to carry the existing 4kV circuits serving
the individual customer loads.  Once the loads are on the mobile
sub, crews will begin removal of the existing permanent 16/4kV
substation equipment and most of the foundations there, which
should take about 3-4 weeks.  As soon as that is completed, in
early January, Arizona Pipeline crews will return for about 4-6
weeks to install new concrete precast substructures required to
support the replacement 33/16kV substation equipment, which will
be installed through the end of March.  Then we can begin to
convert all of your individual service transformers from the
existing 4kV circuits to the new 16kV circuitry - of course, this
work will require separate outages to each customer, likely to be
roughly 6-8 hours each, and additional coordination and
notification will be forthcoming early next year to schedule this
work with each of you.  We hope to be complete with all of this
work by the end of April 2006.  (Towards the latter part of 2006,
we plan to rebuild the 16kV line coming up the front side of the
mountain from Altadena, though this work shouldn't have any
outage impact to any of you.)
  If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact
me.  I was hoping to come to the infamous "Mt Wilson Christmas
Party" last fall to discuss this, but I guess you didn't have one.
If you do have some other group meeting, please let me know and
I'd be happy to come and discuss this work in person with you all.
  Scott R. Lacy, P.E.
  Southern California Edison
  Supv. Engineer, PQ/RTVI & Technical Studies
  E-mail: lacysr@sce.com (or scott.lacy@sce.com)
  PONY mail: Engineering, Foothill S/C
  U.S. mail: 7951 Redwood Ave., Fontana, CA 92336
  Telephone: 909-357-6589 (PAX 16089)
  Facsimile:   909-357-6545 (PAX 16045)
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