THE CGC COMMUNICATOR
                            CGC #747
                    Wednesday,  July 5, 2006
                 Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR, Editor
    Copyright 2006, Communications General® Corporation (CGC)
  o  A copy of the Executive Order signed by president Bush
concerning the establishment of a comprehensive Public Alert
and Warning System for the United States is available at the
first URL below.
  o  Richard Rudman's personal comments on same are posted at
the second URL.
  o  J D Strahler believes that the CapCom equipment installer
in Santa Barbara "was very professional and thorough" and should
not be blamed for the false EAS Civil Emergency Message that
was broadcast to the public on Tuesday of last week (CGC #746,
lead story).
  Just a reminder that the entire east end (i.e. beyond the gate)
will be without Southern California Edison (SCE) power for the
majority of the day TOMORROW, July 6, for conversion from the old
4kV system to the new 16kV system (with the exception of the
Observatory area and the Fox backup service, which were converted
over the past 2 weeks).  The outage should begin first thing in
the morning (approximately 7-8am) and will likely last around 16
hours.  This will specifically affect customers such as Ch 28 & 58
(and anyone within their buildings), Fox's primary service, the
entry gate, and Ch 40 (Trinity).
  As a heads up, we're likely going to convert KABC and/or
KCAL on July 11, do some prep work and cable pulling along the
west road on July 12-14 and plan to convert the ENTIRE west side
at one time on Tues, July 18 (this will affect the customers west
of where the road splits, such as KCBS, SCE, L.A. County Maint
Yard, KPFK, KMZT & other customer/FM broadcasters that I probably
haven't listed here).  Please begin to make arrangements
accordingly for that date.  I'll send out another confirmation
e-mail as that date approaches (probably late next week).
  The customers in the center loops will be staged in over the
subsequent couple of weeks (likely on July 20, 25, & 27).  More
detail will follow on those conversions after we confirm the west
end work.
  Let me know if you have any other questions.  And feel free
to pass this note along to any of your Mt. Wilson friends....
  Scott R. Lacy, P.E.
  Southern California Edison
  E-mail: lacysr (at) sce.com (or scott.lacy (at) sce.com)
  Telephone: 626-302-8659 (PAX 28659)
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