THE CGC COMMUNICATOR
                            CGC #750
                     Monday,  July 17, 2006
                 Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR, Editor
    Copyright 2006, Communications General® Corporation (CGC)
  Here is the latest update for the work that SCE is doing 
to rebuild the electrical distribution system up at Mt. Wilson.  
This past Tuesday (7/11), we completed the work to move the KCAL 
service (Ch 9) over to the 16kV system.  Prior to that (Thurs 
7/6), we completed the conversion of the entire 'east' side 
(beyond the iron Skyline Park gate) to the 16kV as well.  We very 
much appreciate the patience and understanding that all of you 
have provided us during these outages and we continue to strive 
to make them as short as possible.
  As I indicated previously, we're still planning on converting 
the entire 'west' side to the 16kV on Tuesday, July 18.  This will 
encompass everyone along the main entrance road up to the 
beginning of the loop roads, and a couple of services on the 
southern-most loop road (sorry, I'm not sure what each of those 
road sections are called).  By customer, this includes folks like 
CBS, SCE, KZLA, KMZT, KPFK, Spectrasite, Flight Line Mgr, Nextel, 
Touchtel, L.A. County Maint Yard, or anyone else that is on a site 
served by any of those named customers.  We expect to begin the
outage to those folks at approximately 5:00am that morning and
expect to continue through approximately 4:00pm that afternoon.
(Though some of the customers might be energized sooner than
  Unfortunately, in order to accomplish that work, because of 
the cable failure we experienced in early June and our temporary 
fixes to get around that, we have to briefly de-energize ALL of 
the customers that have previously been converted to the 16kV 
system (such as KCAL, Fox-both sites, Trinity, Ch 28, Ch 58, 
KLCS, KSCA, the gate, the Observatory, and anyone else that takes 
their service from one of those named customers).  This outage 
is scheduled to begin at 3:30AM on Tuesday morning, and should
last no longer than 1 hour, so approximately 4:30AM.
  So, to recap: All 16kV customers should plan to experience a 
one-hour outage on Tuesday, July 18, from 3:30AM until 4:30AM.  
All 4kV customers on the 'west' end of the mountain should plan 
to experience up to an 11-hour outage that same day from 5:00AM 
until 4:00PM.
  Note that all of the 4kV customers in the 'center' of the 
hill (i.e. ABC, SBC/PacBell, NBC, Ch 22, Ch 56, Post Office, 
American Twr, Ch 34, Ch 46, and anyone served from those named 
customer sites) should not be affected by any of this work.  
However, that area will be next in line for outages/conversions 
on July 25 and/or July 27 - though I'm not exactly sure right 
now which ones will go on which day.
  Thank you all again for your understanding.  We're terribly 
sorry that we have to de-energize many of you again and understand 
how much this impacts your personnel operations if you have to 
send people up there in the early morning - but we're trying to 
balance that against your broadcasting operations (by not 
scheduling that brief outage for either later in the morning or 
in the afternoon).  Also, I'm sorry that I cannot guarantee that
we won't have to do something like this again in the future before 
we're completely done up there.  If anything changes between now 
and Tuesday morning, I'll let you know.  Thanks.
  Scott R. Lacy, P.E.
  Southern California Edison
  E-mail: lacysr (at) sce.com (or scott.lacy (at) sce.com)
  Telephone: 626-302-8659 (PAX 28659)
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