THE CGC COMMUNICATOR
                            CGC #753
                    Wednesday, July 26, 2006
                 Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR, Editor
    Copyright 2006, Communications General® Corporation (CGC)
  The Eighth Meeting of the United States-Mexico High Level
Consultative Commission (HLCC) on Telecommunications was held in
Washington DC on July 17.  This was a "very big" meeting with the
highest ranking communications officials from both countries
in attendance.
  The two sides signed a protocol governing a critical
spectrum band (138-144 MHz) used by U.S. military installations
along the border for tactical and training operations, amended
an existing agreement to permit cross-border security
communications and developed the final text of a new agreement
for public safety and commercial services.
  The HLCC delegations also noted that their negotiators had
developed a text for an agreement to share the 698-806 MHz band
(currently TV Channels 52-69) in the border area and expressed
their intent to conclude that agreement as soon as possible.  The
HLCC delegations also indicated their intent to review and update
existing telecom and broadcast agreements in order to accommodate
technological advances and the introduction of new services.
  The first URL below takes you to six "clickable" links to
U.S. State Department documents dated 7/20/06 covering different
aspects of the Meeting.  Of particular interest is the third
link that takes you to the Directory of Bilateral Issues.  Here,
the work laid out for the U.S. and Mexican negotiators for the
next two years is itemized, and specific items concerning 
broadcasting are mentioned.
  The second URL links to a photo of the five principals just
after they signed the 138-144 MHz protocol.
  Congratulations to all on a successful outcome, and to the
many behind-the-scene workers on both sides of the border who
labored tirelessly on some very complex issues.
  http://www.state.gov/e/eb/cip/c17046.htm (six clickables)
  http://www.state.gov/r/pa/ei/pix/b/69430.htm (synopsis & photo)
  Scott Lacy of SCE reports that the "NBC" Mt. Wilson electric
power conversion scheduled for today (Wednesday) is going to be
done on Thursday, July 27, instead, and the American Tower
service originally set for conversion on Thursday will now be
worked on Friday, July 28.
  Next week's work plan might change a bit too, and may even
be advanced.  See the URL below for all the details.
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