THE CGC COMMUNICATOR
                            CGC #803
                   Wednesday,  August 1, 2007
                 Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR, Editor
    Copyright 2007, Communications General® Corporation (CGC)
  I am very sorry to pass on the bad news that Jim Kemman
passed away on Wednesday morning, July 25, after a long battle
with prostrate cancer.  He had initially had a bout with it about
five years ago, and we thought that he had beaten it.  Last year,
Jim reported to me that his PSA levels had gone way up.  He was
tested, and he found that his cancer had spread into the bones
of his body.  So, for the last nine months or so, he has been
fighting for his life against this terrible disease, and last
week, he lost that battle.
  Jim was planning on enrolling into a program at Vanderbilt,
but before they would accept him, he was required to wait until
all the chemicals were washed out of his body.  When he was
scanned, he told me that his entire bone structure lit up showing
the cancer was all through his body.  Never did Jim Kemman
complain to me or anyone else about this tragedy.  He was always
up beat, and the last conversation we had (two weeks ago) was
over the use of morphine which he decided was a very nice drug
indeed for relief of pain.  The cancer had caused excruciating
pain in Jim's legs, and in the end, he was issued a morphine
  Jim was the best of the best.  He was an exceptional engineer,
the most honest man I have ever met, and a friend that I will
always miss.  In his engineering, his family life, and his
community work, Jim's integrity was unmatched.
  Jim has made many friends in our industry over the many years
that he was with Robert Silliman and the many years he was with
ERI.  He was still employed with ERI when he passed away....
  Thomas B. Silliman, P.E.
  Electronics Research, Inc.
  Chandler, IN
  Tom Silliman first met Jim Kemman in 1965 when Jim was
working for Tom's father, Robert Silliman, as a consulting
engineer.  Jim and Tom have worked together ever since that time
through various consulting firms including Silliman and Silliman,
a name that Jim suggested.  Tom writes, "Jim and I were very
close, and I will miss him terribly.  I will be one of the
pallbearers at the funeral on Friday."
  The obituary for Jim Kemman is posted at the URL below courtesy
of The Evansville Courier & Press.  He will be missed by many in
the broadcast industry.
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