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                    Monday,  August 31, 2009


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  Fire status report as of 8:27 AM Monday:

  "Although it is not up at the moment, we have been watching
Wilson from the helicopter most of the morning.  The fire progress
seemed to stop over night and none of the sites at the top are in
imminent danger....towers or observatory.  Of course, that could
change as the day heats up, but [we] are fine for now...."

  (VP of Engineering, LA TV)



  o  Sunday, August 30, 7:13 PM PDT:  I just got back from the
  Fire Camp and there is a request from the Command Staff to know
  who, non-fire fighting personnel, are still on the Mtn?....
  - District Ranger, USDA Forest Service

  o  (Various reports followed concerning people known not to
  be on the mountain.)

  o  Sunday, August 30, 7:51 PM PDT:
  At the Observatory it is Larry Webster and myself....
  - Dave Jurasevich

  ["Fire safe" quarters may have been established on the
  Observatory grounds that are adjacent to the Wilson broadcast
  tower complex.   -Ed.]

  o  Monday, August 31, 6:10 am PDT - Larry and Dave report that
  fire fighters are preparing to set more back fires below the
  broadcast towers, but otherwise things are calm on the mountain
  for the present.

  o  Monday, August 31, 7:50 am PDT - At 6:25 this morning,
  fire crews were instructed to withdraw from Mount Wilson.
  Larry Webster and Dave Jurasevich left the mountain with them.
  I have just spoken with Larry and Dave when they reached the
  bottom of the Angeles Crest Hwy in La Canada, and they report
  minimal fire activity in the immediate vicinity of Mount Wilson.
  It is not clear why the withdrawal decision was made nor whether
  or not the fire crews will return.  Those fire fighters joined
  other crews deployed at the Red Box turnoff to Mount Wilson,
  five miles from the Observatory.

  So, they are still within close proximity for redeployment.
  Thus, the good news is that the fire in the Observatory's
  vicinity seems to have diminished.  The bad news is that there
  are no fire fighters presently on the scene.



  From: Graham Breakwell, USDA Forest Service
  grahambreakwell (at) fs.fed.us
  Sent: Monday, August 31, 2009 10:12 AM
  Subject: Mt Wilson Communications Site/Station Fire

  Dear [USDA Forest Service] Permittees,

  ....Our FS information desk tells me this morning that the
fire is within 0.5 miles of the site to the west and south.  I
will keep you updated with any relevant news from our Incident
Center.  Of course, access is restricted to the fire teams....

  Graham H. Breakwell

  Forestry Technician (Special Uses)
  Los Angeles River Ranger District
  Angeles National Forest
  12371 N. Little Tujunga Canyon Road
  San Fernando, CA 91342

  Office # 818 899 1900



  Please ask your news departments not to publicize the URL
for the Mt. Wilson Web camera.  The server is being bogged down
by so many good intentioned folks wanting a look-see.






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