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                Tuesday,  September 1, 2009


             Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR, Editor
             <cgc (at) cgc333.connectnet.com>

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  As of 7 p.m. Tuesday, broadcast operations appeared to be
more or less normal on both Wilson and Harvard.  Commercial
power was still being supplied via the old 16 kV line.  The
new 33 kV backup feed from a different direction was still
out of commission.

  There were some interesting side issues that we did not
have time to investigate such as this claim from a Communicator
reader: "It seems that KTWV, KCBS and KRTH are running reduced
power.  They are scratchy out in the Ontario area.  They are
also not running HD."  1 Sep 2009 - 3:51 PM PDST.  [These are
undoubtedly references to FM, not TV stations.   -Ed.]

  Over at the Observatory, the venerable Web Cam on the solar
tower sent its last picture at 13:49:06 hours this afternoon.
The telco line close to the camera was reportedly damaged by
the backfire on the Observatory's property.



  Bob Sudock (KTTV Engineering, retired) indicates that,
"KTTV usually streams their chopper while it is up even during
the morning show."  So, our list of helicopter video resources
(when available) now reads as follows:

  (1) KTLA:
  http://www.ktla.com (Wait for red bar to say Wildfire
  Coverage or words to that effect, then click on it)

  (2) KCBS:
  http://cbs2.com (Breaking News box)

  (3) KTTV:
  http://www.myfoxla.com (Click on the VIDEO FEEDS tab and
  you should find it on FEED #1 or FEED #2 per Bob Sudock)



  Visit Larry Lopez's Web page (URL below), scroll past the
Web Cam photos and find the report date stamped "Tuesday, 1 Sep 09,
7:21 pm PDT for an inside look at the fire situation on Wilson.
The story is informative encouraging.







  31 Aug 2009 17:45:15 -0700
  From: "D. Ramos" <dr2500 (at) verizon.net>
  Subject: KNBC carrying Spanish channels

  KNBC-TV channel 4 (DTV) is carrying KVEA programming on its
4.2 sub channel while KWHY-TV is appearing on the 4.4 sub channel.
I discovered this while looking for news on the Station Fire.
I wonder if KNBC-TV management is getting ready to shut off the
KVEA and KWHY-TV transmitters if the fire gets any closer.
4.2 normally carries the station's News raw feed while 4.4 was
carrying Universal Sports.  Be interesting to see what other
arrangements the TV stations have in store for us.


  Date: Tue, 01 Sep 2009 21:39:04 -0700
  From: "D. Ramos" <dr2500 (at) verizon.net>
  To: Robert Gonsett <cgc@cgc333.connectnet.com>
  Subject: Spanish gone from KNBC-TV

  The Spanish programming I found on KNBC-TV and told you about
is gone.  KNBC-TV 4.2 is back to the News raw feed that includes
local weather reports.  4.4 is back to the programming of Universal
Sports.  KVEA and KWHY-TV are still on the air.  Perhaps KNBC-TV
and the other broadcasters are confident the fires will not reach
Mt. Wilson after all.  The Station Fire is not over yet, so the
TV stations better not start counting their money at the table.



  Most of the Letters to the Editor of the CGC Communicator
are currently unanswered because of the large volume of mail
received.  However, all correspondence is read and appreciated,
like this letter from Rhode Island:

  "Bob, thanks for keeping us up to date on the Station Fire.
Although I'm 2,526 airline miles from Mt. Wilson, I'm still very
interested in the fire.  I hope the good Lord shines down on the
LA broadcasters and keeps the fire away from the towers and

  Jerry Plemmons



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