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                         CGC #934
               Wednesday, September 2, 2009
             Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR, Editor
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  From e-mail reports received this morning:
  8:44 AM PDST, from Larry Lopez:
  I'm going to attempt [access to Wilson] right now, if they
turn me around then they turn me around.  If I get up there then
I will start calling all my clients as well as anyone else that
wants me to call them.... I live at the bottom of the hill and
on a normal day it would take me 45 minutes to get up there.
Don't know the road situation today.  Wish me luck.
  11:18 AM PDST, from Larry's company, Angeles Crest Services:
Larry is up there right now.  If you need to get a hold of him,
try his pager....
  11:29 AM PDST, from a Mt. Wilson TV Transmission Supervisor:
Just talked to Larry @ KTTV Tx!  Make sure you bring your ID's
(especially your station ID) with you Ladies and Gents.  I'm on
my way with a stack of air conditioning filters now!  I think
I'm also gonna bring a stack o' burgers for the firefighters
to thank them too!
  11:48 AM PDST, from another TV engineer:
Our...engineer queried the LASD officer at the entrance to
Angeles Forest in La Canada (Hwy 2) and it appears at this moment
there is no resistance to those with legit business need to get
to Mt. Wilson.  You may be asked to produce your company ID and
driver's license.
  12:00 PM PDST, from yet another TV engineer:
We're headed up in a live truck which sometimes helps.
  12:55 PM PDST, for one of the Wilson TV stations:
Our...Mt. Wilson Supervisor is at [our] site right now.  Initial
reports from him indicate there are spot fires all along the way
up, but nothing remarkable impeding the drive.
  CGC has no reports indicating major problems on Mts.
Wilson or Harvard at this time.  However, these areas are
still regarded as active fire zones and the possibility of a
major conflagration cannot be ruled out, so engineers attempting
to repopulate Wilson/Harvard should proceed with caution.  We
have received no reports as to whether access to Harvard is
permitted at this time, or if the road is clear.
  Bravo to Larry Lopez for paving the way!
  Dear [USDA Forest Service] Permittees,
  We have arranged one time access to Mt Lukens, tomorrow,
Thursday 3rd September.  We will car-pool/convoy from La Canada
through the police check point to the Station and Mt. Lukens.
Expect to be at the Site 2-3 hours - so bring lunch and water.
  We will car-pool/convoy back down through the police checkpoint
to La Canada.  Please no tourists, just legitimate need-to-be-
there permittees!  I do not know when access will be available
next.  Probably not before the middle of next week.
  Meet the FS patrolman/fireman in the green FS truck at 9.00am,
300 yards up the Angeles Crest Highway on the right above the 210.
We will convoy no later than 9.15/9.20.
  Any questions call me [818 899 1900].
  Graham Breakwell, grahambreakwell (at) fs.fed.us
  First, thanks so much for giving us consolidated updates,
and for filtering the info; there's lots of redundant, dated,
or inaccurate "news" floating around.
  Regarding the comments about the FM stations sounding weak
in Ontario (CGC #933):
  We had concerns that we might lose control of the Mt. Wilson
transmitter sites before we lost power and/or program audio.  We
didn't want full power carriers, perhaps modulated or unmodulated,
emitting from Mt. Wilson while we were trying to transmit from aux
sites on the same freqs.  The decision was made Tuesday to move to
the aux sites and turn off the Mt. Wilson transmitters to preserve
coverage area as best we could.  This also reduces the amount of
ash being ingested by transmitters in the middle of an inferno....
  When Mt. Wilson rises out of the ashes as a phoenix, we'll
begin the task of cleaning up the mess.  I remember all too well
the descriptions we got from Ray Mascho about cleaning up the
Empire State site after 9/11.
  Lynn Duke, Fred Holub and Scott Mason have moved mountains
(almost literally) to make this possible, and they have proved
their worth with this event.
  Rick Sietsema
  CBS Radio, Los Angeles
  September 2, 2009
  Our home in La Canada survived after the fire came within
about 150 feet.  I have been following the Station fire near our
home and now Mt. Wilson from Herta┬┤s home town, Kirchdorf and
der Krems, Austria.  I must be the furthest from the fire at a
distance of over 5,600 miles.
  Our daughter, Karen, and her husband Todd, have been sending
us email photos plus a few Skype live video feeds.  She took her
laptop out in the street and showed us live video via her wireless
connection.  It has been tough watching all the fire activity
from so far from home.
  Marvin Collins, CE KFI KOST (retired)
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