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               Wednesday, September 2, 2009
             Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR, Editor
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  Various e-mails received:
  1:53 PM PDST:
At KNBC on Mt. Wilson, all is good.  Tons of ground crews
clearing trees and brush along with putting down more foscheck.
Everything was working well.  Logs show some power spikes but in
general all is well....  Our crews are on the way to Harvard to
check things.
  2:06 PM PDST:
Preliminary inspections of the KCBS/KCAL West and East sites
at Mt. Wilson indicate no structural damage.  Evidence of smoke
inhalation in the buildings (dirty filters), but all systems
appear to be nominal & operative.  This is a great relief.
  2:12 PM PDST:
This just in from our [KTLA's] visit:  Noted small fires...
along Red Box Road.  Swapped HVAC, quick inspection and headed
back down.
  2:46 PM PDST:
No damage to report at KABC[TV]. Some AC issues to resolve.
  3:53 PM PDST:
I [Roger] just received a voicemail from [the gentleman] who
is overseeing the ATC joint group facility of KOCE, KJLA/KXLA,
KDOC.  He made it to the mountain and reported NO INITIAL
noticeable damage to the building or facility, but will follow
up with more details.  It would be a good idea for someone from
the group to perhaps make a trip to the mountain tomorrow to
replace filters and wash out the heat exchangers, etc.  These
fire crews deserve our highest praise!
  o  The forest devastation is incredible as you start
  driving up the mountain from La Canada.  When the rains
  hit this winter, there will be landslides everywhere and
  massive road blockages as a result.  I've seen this before.
  We'd better be prepared.
  o  From Red Box on, there are plenty of trees -- in
  a way as if nothing had happened.
  o  I had expected to see total devastation of the trees
  on Wilson itself, but that wasn't the case, and from a
  fire-science point of view that's bad news.  The fuel is
  still there, ready to be ignited another day.
  o  There are no fires on Wilson from my vantage point
  but firefighters, engines and heavy equipment are everywhere.
  o  Good thing Edison installed steel power poles recently
  on the main power feed to Wilson.  That may have saved our
  bacon.  The backup line is toast -- far more damage than
  a mere transformer explosion.
  o  If Wilson has an emergency plan, I've never seen it.
  o  We are not out of the woods yet -- Wilson is still in
  fire danger.
  Larry Lopez of Angeles Crest Services has posted his
observations on the vast destruction the Station Fire has
caused.  His essay is currently posted at the top of this
  LASD Air 5 flew [us] to Mt. "D" [Disappointment].  Bldg 304
all equipment inside 100% loss.  Pictures to follow.  No other
building touched.  In fact, the north side is quite green....
  (E-mail time stamped 6:41 PM PDST)
  Dear [USDA Forest Service] Permittees,
  This evening we will try again to obtain Incident Command
permission to access Mt. Disappointment on Thursday maybe Friday
this week. I understand from the primary permittees that they
require the following vehicular access:
  o  LA County: 2 diesel trucks, 1 truck + mobile generator, 2
  vehicles with a total of 5/6 technicians.
  o  ACE: 1 propane truck, 2 big vehicles with a total of 7
  o  FBI: 1 truck + mobile generator, 1 vehicle with 2 technicians
  o  FSS: ?
That is a total of 9+ vehicles.  Please let me know of any major
  Graham H. Breakwell
  Forestry Technician (Special Uses)
  Los Angeles River Ranger District
  Angeles National Forest
  Phone: 818 899 1900
  September 2, 2009,  2:41 PM PDST
                        PARTING THOUGHTS
  From a Wednesday L.A. Times Story: "Los Angeles County Fire
Department Battalion Chief Steve Martin said:
  "We are going to burn, cut, foam and gel.  And if that doesn't
work, we're going to pray....""
  While you are in a particularly hectic situation keeping
up with these monumental events, I would like to thank you deeply
for providing all of us with details, some of which we might not
ever know as we don't see these stories in a general newscast.
  You have done a wonderful job, as you always have.  Your
newsletters have made the difference for a lot of readers and
your service is noted by more than this one grateful reader
in Oregon.
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