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               Thursday,  September 3, 2009
             Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR, Editor
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  As of 5:15 PM Thursday, Graham Breakwell of the Forest
Service had received only two expressions of interest for the
tentative trip to Wilson (and possibly Harvard) on Saturday.
The reason for the limited response was undoubtedly because only
those with "emergency" situations were invited to attend.
  Graham has expressed an interest in possibly lowering the
bar so those who just want to inspect their buildings or service
their air filters/heat exchangers could attend as well.  If you
have facilities on Wilson/Harvard and are interested in going up
Saturday (or the next available day if Saturday is nixed by fire
officials), pleased answer these questions for Mr. Breakwell:
  Question #1:  As it now stands, (per Graham's e-mail in CGC
#936), only those with "emergency requests" are invited Saturday.
Would it be helpful if the bar was lowered so those wanting to
inspect and/or perform equipment servicing could attend?
  Question #2:  Would a stay on Wilson of, say, two or three
hours instead of "nearly a full day" be more appropriate?  Keep
in mind that some members of the convoy may need to go to Harvard
if the opportunity is offered -- and their extra road travel will
shorten their stay on Harvard.
  Question #3:  Is your facility on Wilson or Harvard?
  Please send your thoughts to Graham at the edress below.
He will be deciding how to retool the trip at about 10 AM on
Friday, so have your answers in early.
  Graham's address:  grahambreakwell@fs.fed.us
  I have been at Mt. Wilson today and yesterday.  I am working
with AT&T to try and get our audio circuits working.  They went
down Friday night.  Angeles Crest Hwy was closed this afternoon
to everyone.  We had to go up Big Tujunga Cyn.  Very smokey up
there today.
  Mark Pallock,  Wednesday, 3:39 PM PDST
  USDA Forest Service
  Angeles National Forest
  September 3, 2009
  Contact:  Fire Information
  (626) 821-6700
  Angeles National Forest Announces Emergency Closure of the
Southern Portion of the Angeles National Forest Because of the
Actively Burning Station Fire.
  ARCADIA, Calif. - As a result of extreme fire activity, and
to protect public health and safety, Angeles National Forest
officials are implementing an area closure of the southern
portion of the Angeles National Forest, effective 12:00 p.m.
today.  The closure will be in place until it is determined
that it is safe to reopen forest areas.
  Individuals or organizations holding special use permits
for sanctioned activities within the Forest are exempt from this
  While the closure is in effect, going into or being upon
National Forest System lands, roads, or trails within the closure
area is not allowed.  The closure will affect the use of all
national forest recreational facilities, roads and hiking trails.
A violation of the closure order is punishable by a fine of not
more than $5,000 for an individual or $10,000 for an organization,
or imprisonment for not more than six months, or both.
  The Station Fire Closure Area consists of all National Forest
System lands within the Angeles National Forest south and east of
California State Route 14 and California State Route 138.
  For further information about the closure or fires currently
burning on the Angeles, contact the Fire Information Center at
  As noted in CGC #935, YES, you are doing a fantastic job
of collating all of this material for those of us away from the
scene of the giant wild fire near Mt. Wilson.  With your links,
quotes, etc., it is as though I am there despite the fact that
I am in Colville, WA.  Thanks again for your tireless effort
to get this info out to the interested folks.
  Richard A. Tell
  Richard Tell Associates, Inc.
  rtell (at) radhaz.com
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