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               Friday,  September 4, 2009
            Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR, Editor
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  3:03 PM -- Here is voice mail from a contact at the Forest
Service concerning the reason convoy access to Wilson/Harvard
may have been denied today:
  "The fire patrolman from the Forest Service plus the 10
trucks up on Mt. Disappointment had to be evacuated at lunchtime
because of spontaneous combustion of a whole bunch of trees
around where they were.  They had to get out of there quite
  CGC has been told off the record (and not by the Forest
Service) that broadcast stations sending people to Wilson
earlier this week without personal fire protective gear --
Nomex etc. -- infuriated fire officials.  Our informant maintains
that a group of station representatives arrived without the
very gear they had been told would be required in case fire
broke out.
  Two eyewitness accounts of the situation on Wilson this
evening indicate that the mountaintop is quiet and stable from
a fire standpoint.  Fire crews are continuing to "cut lines"
around the clock.  These are crude trails, in some cases all the
way down to La Canada.  These lines are where firemen would be
stationed to hold a future fire at bay.
  The only current fire creeping toward Wilson is from the
north according to one observer.  That fire is "incredibly slow
moving," burning underbrush and not being allowed to turn into
a canopy (tree top) fire.  The underbrush fire will eventually
meet the back-burn made at the Observatory and there the fire
will stop for lack of fuel assuming all goes according to plan.
  If a fire started in La Canada under the current weather
conditions, one observer speculated it could take days to
reach Wilson.  However, under Santa Ana wind conditions, the fire
might only take two hours to reach the top!  This eye witness
has not received extensive fire training and seemed to be
relaying his understanding of the situation based on limited
formal training as augmented by conversations with fire crews.
We greatly appreciate the input but want you to understand
that this is not official fire info.
  Article by Deborah McAdams for Television Broadcast magazine:
  Here are on-site fire photos courtesy of Dennis Doty of
KNBC-TV.  Find the short blue bar above the medium sized photo
and click on the right arrow (>) to advance to the next photo.
Currently there are 102 photos in this set.  Any medium sized
photo can be enlarged by clicking on it.  Thank you Dennis!
  The Web Cam mounted atop the Mt. Wilson Observatory's
Solar Tower has been returning spectacular fire pictures this
evening as the Station Fire burns trees not burnt in 85 years
according to one source.  The camera has been re-aimed and tonight
is pointed NE looking over the dome of the 100-inch telescope.
  Please keep this Web address confidential:
  You have done a magnificent job of providing up to date
information for both the persons with need to access Mount Wilson
and in keeping all of us with an interest in the situation
  God bless you for this valuable service!
  Jack Sellmeyer, AD5VO
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