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                   Tuesday, September 8, 2009
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  o  Dennis Doty has updated his Mt. Wilson picture file:
  o  E-mail traffic re Wilson is unusually quiet this evening.
  Looks like everyone is waiting for the big burn tomorrow that
  will hopefully stay in control.  Watch these sites for info
  and images:
  o  Mount Wilson Observatory fire newsletter:
  o  Mt. Wilson Observatory Webcam (please keep this
  address confidential):
  While limited access to Wilson on Thursday is conceivable
if the big burn comes off tomorrow as planned, access Friday
or even Saturday might be more realistic considering the size
of the upcoming event.  Let's wait and see what happens with
the knowledge that Graham Breakwell of the Forest Service is
pushing hard for us to access the mountain -- and is as
frustrated as anyone when restrictions and plan changes
are imposed.
  Big gold stars should go not only to Dennis Doty, Scott
Blake and Graham Breakwell, but to the broadcasters from across
the U.S. who have lavished Los Angeles FM and TV stations with
offers of assistance.  This kind of "pulling together" is
fabulous and humbling to see in action.
  [CGC asked Mark Pallock to confirm yesterday's claim that
  KKLA(FM), Los Angeles, is off the air from Wilson due to a
  telco line failure (not that we questioned the accuracy of
  Scott Blake's account, but we wanted the firsthand story).
  Here is Mark Pallock's response.   -Ed.]
  "Scott is correct.  KKLA went off Wilson on the 28th of
August.  We do not have an STL shot into Wilson.  If Wilson
goes down for any reason we rely on our Flint Peak site.  We
are 10k from Wilson and 9k from Flint.  I am in the process of
working with ATT to install new digital lines from Glendale
into Wilson as soon as we can get access."
  September 8, 2009, 09:56 AM PDST
  mark.pallock (at) salemla.com
  Dear Permittees,
  We have arranged one time access to Mt Lukens, tomorrow
Wednesday 9th September.  We will car-pool/convoy from La Canada
through the police check point to the Station and Mt Lukens.
Expect to be at the Site 2-3 hours - so bring lunch and water.
We will car-pool/convoy back down through the police checkpoint
to La Canada.  I do not know when access will be available next
- maybe Thursday 10th if I receive sufficient requests.
  Meet the FS patrolman/fireman, Walter Alonzo, in the white
FS truck at 8.45am, just before the CHP barrier 1.5 miles(?) up
the Angeles Crest Highway above the 210.  We will convoy no
later than 9.15am.
  Any questions email/call me.
  Graham H. Breakwell
  Forestry Technician (Special Uses)
  Los Angeles River Ranger District
  Angeles National Forest
  12371 N. Little Tujunga Canyon Road
  San Fernando, CA 91342
  Office # 818 899 1900
  Tue, 8 Sep 2009, 1:53 PM PDST
                       LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
  [Although I'm back home now, while I was on Mt. Wilson] a
number of crews on the fire lines and in the camps conveyed that
off-air-television is their only source of up-to-date and daily
information.  Here is a quote by one of the crew members I was
speaking with:
  "We depend on off-air television newscasts for our updated
info on the fire operations when on the line and in the camps."
  Dennis Doty, dennisd (at) ladigitalnetworks.com
  September 7, 2009
  Do the crews really have portable DTV receivers?  CGC asked
Dennis who replied, "Yes [that] is correct.  You can pickup those
little battery powered DTV LCD for under 150 bucks."
  From: "Mt. Wilson Fire Safe Council" <mwfsc (at) att.net>
  Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2009, 1:14 PM PDST
  This is from Chief Luke Claus, LACoFD Asst. Fire Chief
  North Region:
  "The Incident Commanders have talked about a firing operation
to remove the unburned fuel below Mt. Wilson, and to tie the fire
together.  That will allow earlier access as the mountain will be
fire safe after the unburned fuel is gone, and we won't have to
wait for the fire to get there on it's own."
  Printed as received by CGC (quotation marks added).
  Like engineers across the country, we've been keeping a
close eye on the Mt. Wilson situation here in Nevada.  Because
the information in the CGC newsletter has been graphic and
illustrative of the challenges broadcasters face in a disaster,
the "Mt. Wilson Experience" will be a topic of discussion at one
of our upcoming Homeland Security Commission meetings.  In
addition, through the efforts of Nevada Broadcasters Association
CEO Robert Fisher, it has been added to the agenda for the 2010
National EAS Summit.
  Adrienne Abbott, nevadaeas (at) charter.net
  September 8, 2009,  8:11 AM PDST
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