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                   Friday, September 11, 2009
                Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR,  Editor
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  Overall, it was another quiet day at the top of Mt. Wilson.
Fire officials were very happy with their intentionally-set
burns and the burns are now virtually complete.  The talk is
that the Station Fire will be 100% contained by Tuesday.
  As far as other engineers attempting to drive up here
is concerned, I would not recommend it right now even if you
could gain legal access.  There is probably going to be quite
a bit of mop up activity this weekend as hoses and heavy
equipment are being removed.
  It is possible that engineers will be able to come and go
at their own discretion soon -- perhaps sometime next week.  I'm
not speaking in any official capacity here, but I am repeating the
drift of conversations that I've had with fire personnel and I've
combined their remarks with my own thinking based on what I've
  When you do come up, watch out for road clearing and
repairing activities along Angles Crest Highway and Red Box Road.
These roads are closed to the public for good reason.  Watch out
for road maintenance machinery to say nothing of occasional rock
falls.  There will be flag men and traffic delays for some time to
come, so we'll need to figure out their schedules and work around
them as much as possible.
  Please, everyone, drive SLOWLY and carefully!
  About the explosion.  It was big, and it happened about 5:40 PM.
Then the fire radio jumped to life with people saying things like,
"Did you hear that?"  And the reply, "That was #*!g loud over
here, what blew up?"  It took a little while before someone
remembered that the Space Shuttle was landing at Edwards and we
had all been rocked by the sonic boom.
  In closing, Wilson dodged another bullet when this fire
turned and ran toward Red Box instead of climbing the grade
toward the CBS West site.  We could have been toast.  Let's give
those firefighters the praise they deserve -- and stay out of
their way while they cleanup this weekend.
  Dennis Doty, Mt. Wilson
  September 11, 2009,  10:33 PM PDST
  o  Questions from CGC:
  Did the audio feed to KKLA quit as a result of the fire?
What is the outlook for KKLA resuming operation from Mt. Wilson?
  o  Answers from Mark Pallock, CE of KKLA:
  My understanding is that KKLA is one of a few or maybe
the only station left that was using copper from Glendale to
Mt. Wilson.  Everybody else is either STL or T-1.
  From what I am told by Telco, there was some damage done at
the Wilson substation as a result of the fire and this destroyed
the amps used.  AT&T decided that the damage was too bad to rebuild
so they put us on Fiber from Glendale to Mt. Wilson.  I have been
working with AT&T the last two days and we finished yesterday and
have audio all the [way] to the substation, but no audio yet to
the KCET building where the KKLA transmitters are located.  We
anticipate going up there Tuesday to finish the installation.
Barring any unforeseen problems, we should be able to return the
air from Wilson some time Tuesday.
  September 11, 2009,  3:12 PM PDST
  mark.pallock (at) salemla.com
  The remote control computer for KNLA has gone down.  Normally,
I would drive right up and reboot it.  From a practical point, I
don't expect to get there until the backfires are out and the
restrictions are eased, possibly mid-week.  If there is anyone
on Mt Wilson who would not mind spending a few minutes to reboot
this, please call me at 818-324-1786.  It is on the second floor
of the Post Office building.
  Daniel P. Bissett, Director of Engineering
  September 11, 2009,  12:59 PM PDST
  dbissett (at) loop.com
  o  Gripping video.  Time-lapse photos of the Station Fire smoke
  plumes by photographer/special effects person Brandon Riza:
  Thanks for the great information on the fires.  Even
though they do not affect us here in Las Vegas, the information
is important to all of us.
  We had the Good Springs fire that limited access to Mt. Potosi
a couple of years ago.  I will be using some of the lessons learned
from the Wilson experience in our committee on credentialing for
emergency access with the Nevada Broadcasters Association.
  Bill Croghan, CPBE, WBØKSW
  Chief Engineer,
  Lotus Broadcasting, Las Vegas, NV
  September 11, 2009
  loteng (at) lvradio.com
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