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                    Sunday, December 6, 2009
                Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR,  Editor
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  As we all know by now, there is a rain event forecasted to
start as early as Sunday evening with the potential of heavy rain
over several days.  We are not suspending your permits at this
time but want you all to start to prepare for the potential of
that occurring.
  We recommend, regardless of what the Forest Service does,
that you seriously consider not to be in areas that burned during
this rain event as from our last event, it is impossible to
predict which areas will get rain and to what extent.  For
Mt. Wilson Observatory, please remove all nonessential personnel
and realize whoever is left may be isolated for up to several
  LA County will be doing a hard closure with their roads shut
down Sunday at 5 pm and that will be Big Tujunga, Upper Big
Tujunga and the Forest Hwy.  We haven't heard from CALTRANS but
imagine they will be doing the same.  So please be off the mtn
before that time.
  Please also know that we do not control access on the
roads so please do not call us for when the roads will reopen.
We will not be allowing people to come up into the Forest on
Forest Service roads until we check the roads out, etc.  Call us
if you need to access your permit area (as in Mt. Lukens) on
FS roads to get the latest status.
  Bottom line is that personal safety is your responsibility
but that does not give you the final say on whether you decide
to stay or not within your permitted area.  The Forest hopes that
you will exercise the sound judgment to not put yourself in harms
way and make that decision prior to any threats materializing.
  Michael J. McIntyre, District Ranger
  Los Angeles River Ranger District
  (818) 899-1900 ext. 223
  mmcintyre (at) fs.fed.us
  December 5, 2009 -- 2:16 PM PST
  The Director of the Mount Wilson Institute (MWI) has prepared
a document governing road travel and safety precautions for those
visiting or living at Observatory facilities during the rainy
season.  This is the missing attachment from Michael J. McIntyre's
"second letter" published in CGC #976.  The MWI document is
apparently acceptable to the Forest Service and may serve as a
template for other Mt. Wilson (and Lukens and Disappointment)
users attempting to craft their own winter safety plans as is
now required by the Forest Service.
  The Director of MWI said in his safety plan, "We can expect
to have a very trying five months ahead of us.  The storm last
week that resulted in multiple mud slides on the Angeles Crest
and the stranding of one Observatory staff member in the middle
of the night is undoubtedly just a prelude to what lies ahead."
  Here is MWI's safety ("Access and Transit Policy") plan:
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