THE CGC COMMUNICATOR
                           CGC #1002
                   Tuesday,  March 16, 2010
               Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR, Editor
               <cgc (at) cgc333.connectnet.com>
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  The FCC published the National Broadband Plan as expected
today.  A summary of the document and a link to the full Plan
(hundreds of pages) is at the URL below.  Of special interest
is this statement in the summary sheet:
  "The Plan was... produced by an FCC task force that set
new precedents for government openness, transparency, and rigor.
Information for the plan was gathered in 36 public workshops,
9 field hearing (sic), and 31 public notices that produced 75,000
pages of public comments."
  Contrast this statement with the following from yesterday's
Wall Street Journal in a story entitled, "Broadband Trojan Horse:"
  ""Instead of risking a split vote among the five [Commissioners]
on approving the plan," reports National Journal, "Genachowski is
seeking consensus on a joint statement, which sources said would
provide him with some political cover for the controversies that
are certain to be triggered by some of the recommendations."
  "The FCC chairman and his staff have spent the better part
of a year preparing a major report while keeping his colleagues
largely in the dark.  What happened to the Obama's Adminis-
tration's promise to be open and transparent?""
  CGC is not taking a position on the Broadband Plan at this
time; however, the transparency controversy is important because
many of our professions stand to be profoundly impacted by the
details of the Plan.
  Now that the CGC Communicator has become a once/month
publication (special bulletins excepted), some of our readers
have asked if we could publish the FCC Applications & Actions
data more often.  So, we have created a new publication called
The Advance Look File ("ALF").
  In essence, the Advance Look File shows local (so. Cal.)
AM, FM & TV Applications & Actions published by the FCC during
the first two weeks of each month, while the CGC Communicator --
published around the end of the month -- will show the Apps &
Actions for the entire month (including the Advance Look data).
  The Advance Look File is available for $15/month (billed
quarterly) and is free to all FM Watchdog subscribers.  The
Advance Look File is for the exclusive use of the recipient
station and any co-owned stations.  Please contact the editor
of this newsletter if you would like to subscribe or receive
a complimentary copy of our March 15th ALF.
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