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                   Thursday, December 9, 2010
                Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR,  Editor
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  December 13 -  The FCC is holding three public scoping
  meetings across the U.S. concerning birds vs. towers.  The
  West Coast meeting will be held in Chula Vista on December 13
  (6:00 - 8:30 PM).  Do consider attending -- the final ruling
  may affect many tower owners:
  December 14 -  The Los Angeles SBE chapter will hold its
  annual Christmas Dinner at the Holiday Inn Media Center in
  Burbank.  Start time is 6:30 PM:
  December 15 -  The San Diego SBE chapter will hold its
  Holiday Banquet Luncheon at Filippi's Italian Restaurant in
  Kearny Mesa.  Start time is noon sharp:
  During the next three months while Mt. Wilson-to-Mt. Harvard
road access is compromised workdays due to construction activities
(see CGC #1034), access to Mt. Harvard will be available via
the old dirt Toll Road, weather permitting.
  From Joe Roberts, Chief Engineer of KPXN:
  The Toll Road is eight miles long and it takes only 40
minutes at an easy pace from Altadena to Mt. Harvard.  Of course,
the road could become impassible in bad weather.
  Keep in mind that the Toll Road is NOT a public thoroughfare.
If you have a legitimate need to be on Harvard, contact me for
the Altadena gate code.
  For the record, here is how to access the Toll Road:
From the 210, exit on Rosemead Blvd. and head north towards the
mountains.  Rosemead bends west and turns into Orange Grove Blvd.
Proceed and turn right on Altadena Drive, then right on Crescent
Drive and right on Pinecrest Drive.  The trail head is on the
right hand side but the road is blocked by a locked gate.
  At present, a 4X4 is not needed; however, in rain and snow
you will need chains and a 4X4.  Will American Tower or others
maintain the road in deep snow?  We don't know.  The road
could become impassable this winter without maintenance.
  You may contact me at JoeRoberts (at) ionmedia.com if
additional information is needed, or call me at 818-524-1862.
Again, the Toll Road is not a public thoroughfare.
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