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                   Tuesday,  January 19, 2010
                Robert F. Gonsett, W6VR,  Editor
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  This morning (January 19, 2010), CGC informally interviewed
an official at the USDA Forest Service concerning Mt. Wilson.
Following is a paraphrase of the important points made by the
  o  We are "not that concerned" about the engineers on Wilson.
They are experienced and doing what they need to do.  We could
not do much legally even if we decided we did not want them up
  o  Unless our public notices specifically mention Wilson,
the notices are not addressing the engineers who are camped
at Wilson.
  o  We have opened the old Toll Road (presumably largely dirt)
to Wilson/Harvard.
  o  Concerning rebuilding the backup power feed to Wilson/
Harvard, we aren't standing in the way.  In fact, we are
encouraging SCE to move quickly because that line feeds some
of our fire stations and they are out of power.  One of our
facilities was just cited by the air pollution folks for
running their power generator more than 8 hours/day.
  It is my understanding some people have staff remaining
on site during this weather event.  Obviously the projected
forecast is one of extreme nature and is changing by the day.
  I would like to make everyone aware that if there is a
medical emergency on the mountain during this weather event and
emergency services cannot reach the mountain, American Tower has
a snowcat being staged at the NBC building.  This can be available
to transport emergency personal or victims to the snow edge.
  Again this is to be only used in the event of a medical
  Kent Keglovitz, Operations Manager
  American Tower Corporation
  Kent.keglovitz (at) americantower.com
  617-515-9931 (cell)
  Monday, January 18, 2010, 11:12 AM PST
  o  Mt. Wilson received over 6 inches of rain Monday and
light snow was reported falling at 10:30 PM.  The automated rain
gauge used by the National Weather Service is grossly under-
reporting Wilson rainfall.
  o  12:30 PM Monday, Engineer #1 -- We just took a few power
hits, so brief that our generators did not start.
  o  12:38 PM Monday, Engineer #2, different facility -- The
generators at two of our stations did start but should time out
  o  Then the power failed completely from approximately
2-3 PM and everyone so equipped relied on generators.
  o  Note from Dennis Doty, "It's going to be a long week."
  E-mail of 7:30 AM on Tuesday, January 19, 2010, from the
news desk at one of L.A.'s TV stations, to a station engineer:
  "Do we have an engineer up at Mt. Wilson?  We flew Angeles
Crest Hwy this morning and the road has literally washed away
in places.  It will be weeks or months before they could possibly
re-open it, and the worst has yet to come.  If anybody's up there,
they may need a Port Au Prince style air drop of food and
  [This will not be the first year food and supplies are
  flown to Mt. Wilson, should that become necessary.  The
  engineers currently on Wilson are presumably well stocked
  since this storm was predicted well in advance.  The big
  complaint from an air drop years ago at the CBS plant:
  "Hey, you broke the eggs!"  May any future complaints be
  equally light hearted.  -Ed.]
  I just went down [from the top of Mt. Wilson] to see what the
roads looked like in the daylight with the road crews stationed
here on Wilson.  Here is what we found.
  East of Redbox on S2, the slide...is not as bad as first
thought.  The road is fine and will be cleared within a few hours
provided the rain holds off to let them work.  Travel is not
advised but allows a way out in an emergency via Upper Big T
provided you have keys to the gates that were just installed.
  West of Redbox on S2 to Angeles Forest Hwy, the slides are
passable in a REAL heavy duty 4x4 all the way to Angeles Forest.
Angeles Forest is closed but passable to the 14 freeway. (Good
tires are needed due to the rocks.)  I am told the S2 road is
not missing or anything like that up to Angeles Forest Hwy.
  I do not have any info on Angeles Crest from La Canada to
Clear Creek/Angeles Forest Hwy.
  I am not sure of what Caltrans is doing currently.  The slides
are being worked on by LA County, not Caltrans.
  Officially the road[s] are still closed to all traffic.
  Now keep in mind the next few days will bring more slides
but it looks to be manageable.  I assume we should have limited
travel by Monday....
  Dennis Doty, Mt. Wilson
  Tue, 19 Jan 2010, 10:45 AM PST
  Because of a number of backlogged consulting projects,
the CGC Communicator newsletter will only be publishing the
most pressing Mt. Wilson news as the storm progresses.  This
newsletter was an exception to the rule.  We pray that all
of the engineers on Wilson will remain safe and sound.
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