Pippin Tech www.pippintech.com – Bext Canadian Distributor

Commscope – Coax, Antennas & Accessories

EMR Corporation – Cavity Filters, Circulators, Isolators

ATSC – Advanced Television System Committee

What exactly is ATSC? – Simple explanation about how ATSC works.

Broadcast Supply West – Broadcast Equipment Supplier 

FCC – Federal Communications Commission

CRTC – Canadian Radio TV/Telecom Communications

ANSI – American National Standards Institute

NAB – National Association of Broadcasters

NAEB – National Association of Educational Broadcasters

NRB – National Religious Broadcasters

SBE – Society of Broadcast Engineers

IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

BBC – British Broadcasting Corporation

CBC – Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

CPB – Corporation for Public Broadcasting

PBS – Public Broadcasting Service

NPR – National Public Radio

VOA – Voice of America

Jensen Tools – Tools and Test Equipment

Mouser Electronics – Electronic Components Catalog

Quail Electronics – Power Cords of All Types

Techni-Tool – distributor of electronic test equipment and tools.

SCA Data Systems – Radio Subcarrier Products

RadioInfo – Searchable Radio Information Database

V-Soft Communications – Broadcast Engineering Software

Broadcast.Net – Broadcast Mall Clearinghouse

How to Apply for a Broadcast Station (United States)

CGC Communicator Archive – Electronic Newsletter for Broadcast Professionals