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Daytime Engineering Line: 619 – 685 3913 (English, Español)
24 hours / 7 days a week Hot Line: 619 685 3917.

Tips, product updates and other useful information for obtaining the best performance from your Bext equipment.

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FR300/PJ300 – Remote Control Pin-out Corrections
HPT Series Capacitors – For the Power Supply Module
HPT Series Input Cavities – Tuning Instructions
HPT Series FSK IDer – Installation of the Chip
HPT Series External Frequency – External Frequency Synchronization
LCT/LCR STL System VCO – About VCO Problem
SF Series (Original) – Remote Control Connector Diagram
SF Series (Foldback) – Remote Control Connector Diagram
SF Series Low Pass Filter – Filter Optimization
SF Series Lock-up – Lock-up After Brief Power Interruption
SF 1000 Fuse – About Fuse Faliure
Tex Series Crystal Oven – Modification
Tex 20 VCO – Loss of Lock


TV Exciter – Modifications for Stereo Operation


TFC1K – Assembly Instructions
TFC2K – Assembly Instructions
TFC2K Feed Section – Repair/Replacment Detail