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Who is Bext? The short answer is: “RF Innovations for the Broadcast World since 1985 ”
Bext was founded by broadcasters like you. This is the genetic code that sets Bext apart from other manufacturers. Bext specializes in RF equipment for the FM and television broadcaster.  We use our experience in broadcast engineering, cost control and service to meet the needs of the working engineer and efficiency-conscious owner in markets around the world.  In many ways, the broadcast world has changed a lot since 1985. Throughout it all, Bext still caters to broadcasters in ways that other suppliers can’t, and offers the best and widest choice of reliable transmitters at prices which make it easy to propose Bext to cost-sensitive senior management.  By remaining independent and unaffiliated with the big conglomerates, Bext can offer the very best individual subassemblies and components for each element of its own transmitters & RF line.  And just as back in 1985, Bext is still on the forefront of RF Innovations for the Broadcast World with dedicated people who have decades of RF experience and still love it.  It is said that there are three things that a great company should offer its customers: Quality, Service and Value. At Bext, we’ve made a commitment to quality. We have built a reputation around the world for equipment that works and keeps on working to original specifications.  When service is required, Bext stands tall. Our two 24/7 hotlines connecting our customers directly to Bext engineers have ended many late night guessing games by providing the needed assistance to resolve any issues in the field. With Bext, you don’t just “buy the box.” We’re with you all the way.  Bext value is incomparable in the industry. Radio and television broadcasters who discover the quality of our products and the reliability of our service are often surprised by our ability to hold prices down (although, of course, we get no complaints).

How can Bext offer quality, service, AND value?
We know RF very well. We are careful to bring new products to the market fully tested. Our products are tried and true, stable and predictable, and built like tanks. Our warranty service requirement is light because of the effort that has gone into designing equipment that works.  We don’t spend much on advertising. We rely mainly on the good will of our growing customer base, who have spread the word of Quality, Service and Value throughout the broadcast industry.  Our product literature is a good example of what we mean. It’s functional, it clearly presents the features and benefits of each product, but it’s not an expensive display of design talent. We don’t think you would spend your equipment budget on artwork, so neither do we. What you will find here is a simple description and list of specifications for each of our main products. If you need more information on features and applications, or specifications for more products not displayed here, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for considering Bext.

The BEXT Staff

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